Ch.Onederland's Look At Me Now

Cerf# CH-112/1998--33 OFA Patella CH-PA1/12/M-T Thyroid NORMAL

Ch Herron's El Chico Ebonito x Candy Jean Crawford
DOB 4-11-95

Gunner loved being a show dog. By 10 months old, he lacked a major to finish his championship. It took 6 months to find and easily earn that last major. Today he is neutered and resides with a friend, literally in the lap of luxury. We are lucky to see him every Monday for his groom/bath.



Ch.Stonehill Jade Mist

Cerf# CH-113/1999--43 Thyroid NORMAL

Ch Ouachitah Bravisimo-L x Stonehill Encore' L
DOB 8-02-95

Jay's show career started out great at 6 months. At 9 months, she had 6 points including a 3 point major. She got spooked while in the ring that took 4 months to get her back on track. She finished at 1½ years with 4 BOV. Jay is now spayed and living it up as queen chihuahua of the house.



HiTail's Sooo Pawfect

Cerf# CH-127/1999--31 OFA Patella CH-PA37/12/M-T Thyroid NORMAL DNA Profile #V29755

Ch. O Pag's Amigo Hombre Bear-L x Townhouse Ima Showgirl-S
DOB 8-02-96

Ducky started his show career at 6 months of age and was retired at 9 months, due to an injury. He had accumulated 11 points with a 5 point major from the 6-9 month puppy class. Though never finished, Ducky is in our breeding program. We see his beauty, soundness and spunk in his children, who will carry on his legacy. Now he sits back and watches with pride.

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