Fine Art For Your House!
Hi! I have created this small virtual gallery myself.I am professional artist.My creative pseudonym is OLENA.
Many buyers of my art tell that it brings them happiness.
I think it's true.Because my inspiration and energy is light and optimistic...
Please,feel free to contact me via e-mail if you are interested to buy my art-works - or
You will get free consultation about the interior design.I'll help you to choose the most suitable painting.Only a small part of my works are exposed here.I am waiting for your letters!And wish you GOOD LUCK!
perfect for your bedroom! Perfect for your living room!
"Yellow Roses"(watercolors and pastel on paper,14"X16"),120$ "Morning"(watercolors on paper,14"X16"),140$
Perfect for your bedroom! Perfect for your office!
"Autumn flowers" (watercolors on paper,14"X16"),160$ "Abstract"(Gouache on paper,14"X16")
Perfect for your living room! Perfect for your office!
"Flowers and Candle"(watercolors and pastel on paper,14"X16"),150$
"Space"(acryl on canvas,40X50cm)400$
Perfect for any room!
"Fantastic Flowers"(watercolors and pastel on paper,14"X16"),200$
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