Diary of a Vampire

by ‘Teresa Devereux’

Night 3 - Friday. Vampyre

I awoke abruptly, as though I had only just closed my eyes for a second before opening them to a new night.

I could hear the woman from the other room beside my own rouse, and without consideration for my privacy, walked in saying “well, looks like we’re both still here”. After sitting and chatting on the lounging chair about our sudden predicament, I discovered her name was Rhiannon, and realised she had been the same woman in the library on that fateful night. Apparently she worked for a recording studio, and had gone into the library to research.

She was very ‘trendy’ I suppose the word would be. She was well dressed in a very modern fashion. She was as confused about the entire situation as I, which did little to comfort me. I gently broached the subject of the previous nights unfolding, to which she said “I have no idea why I did what I did. I tried not to, believe me, but when he spoke to me, I had to do as he said. It was as if all of my own willpower disappeared.” I too had experienced the very same thing when he spoke to me. She then paused, and with a rather mischievous look on her face, added “you wouldn’t believe how good it actually was.” This repulsed me, and I was about to get up and walk away, when I heard footsteps approaching the door outside.

It was then I realised the previously smashed door had been replaced while we slept, and the broken pieces of the chair removed. The door opened to reveal the man again, along with two of his ‘body guards’ carrying suitcases. He said “fear not my Childer. Let us sit and discuss your new ‘unlife’.” I had an idea what he was referring to, and was anticipating some answers to the many questions haunting my mind.

While I feared this man, I also had a strange pull to him. He sat between us, and started to speak. “My name is Gordon, and I am your Sire, your father. It was I that created you.” Now, directing his speech to me he said “you, Teresa, are my chosen one. I followed you for a time, and deciding you were worthy, I Embraced you. You are my first born Childe”. Now, looking at Rhiannon he said “and you. You were a last minute decision. I was going to feed from you and leave you to die, yet you showed much strength of will, so on a whim, I decided to Embrace you as well. What is your name Childe?”

Rhiannon spoke with confidence, and said “my name is Rhiannon. So what are we doing here, and when can we leave?” Gordon looked at her with distaste, and said “you have nothing to go to. You are one of the ‘undead’ now. As far as anyone from your old life is concerned, you are dead. You will now stay with me, as my Childer, and learn from me.” Rhiannon looked as though she was about to say something more, but with a warning look from Gordon, she closed her mouth and sat back.

Gordon looked over to the two men by the doorway and nodded. They placed the suitcases down, and walked out. Now returned his gaze to me, he said “my Childe, now I have a special gift for you.” At that moment the men walked back into the room, standing either side of a female. She had fear in her eyes, but seemed almost paralysed by it. The men pushed her to her knees before Gordon and I. It was at that point that I realised what was about to happen. I had witnessed this very thing the night before, and was adamant that he could never persuade me to do something so vile.

Gordon looked into her eyes, and at once she became calm. He put his arm around her neck, pulled her towards me, and as I looked, his nails lengthened into a claw, and he gently sliced her throat. He looked to me and said “come, drink now. Discover the pleasure of sating your desire.” As the blood trickled down her breast, it was as if my senses had heightened a hundred fold. I could smell the warm blood tickling my nostrils, and I could feel a thirst building in me, like none I have ever felt before. As I looked at Gordon, he said gently to me “drink”, and putting his hand behind my head, began to pull my head towards the woman's neck. As I got closer, any last resolve I had faded, and I buried my mouth into her neck. I sucked at her life blood with a hunger before unknown to me. The longer I did this however, the weaker she became under my kiss. With every last bit of my willpower, I pulled back, looked at Gordon, and said “I will not take her life!” He looked at me with the compassion one would give a child, and said “very well. Lick her wound so as you may heal her”. I did as he asked, and before my very eyes the wound closed. He turned his attention now to Rhiannon. She had a lustful hungry look in her eyes. He said to her “and you. Are you hungering” To which she nodded. He said “then take her to you.” She slid from the chair onto the floor beside the woman, looked at Gordon, who used his claw to cut her again. She latched onto the bleeding wound like an animal, until the woman slumped in her arms, dry of essence. Rhiannon got up and sat beside him again. The two men dragged the lifeless body out of the room, leaving the three of us alone.

I felt shame. Shame that I had tried with all my might to save the woman, and shame that because of my co-captive, she was now destined for the grave. Gordon looked to me and said “it is alright my Childe. You are now ‘Vampyre’. It is the nature of your beast that you feed. As you now know, you can keep the vessel alive if you stop early enough. Now, drink of me, that you may be fully sated”. At which time he slashed at his own wrist, and put it to my mouth. Once again, all resolve faded, and I drank of him till he pulled his wrist back. He then turned to Rhiannon, who grabbed his arm hungrily. He had to push her away lest she drink of him completely. He then licked his wrist, and stood. He paused briefly by the door, and said over his shoulder “rest”, then was gone.

I slowly walked to my bed to lye upon it, and to try and fathom the depth of my confused emotions. What had I become. What will I become. I faded into dark sleep.


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