Diary of a Vampire

by ‘Teresa Devereux’

Night 8 - Wednesday

We decided to try and locate the vampire from last night. Our dealings with him had a strange twist, and he appeared to know more than he was letting on. He also had a fascination with Marie, which I found disturbing. She reacted so oddly from his blood, and it concerned me.

We headed into the same night club strip we had been at the night before, in attempts to find the man. We entered a club and began milling around separately, so as to not draw attention. Despite the early evening hour, there were quite a lot of people inside, and we lost sight of each other in the crowd. After about 10 minutes, I headed back towards the door, just in time to see Marie walking out with the vampire! I couldn’t understand what on earth would compel her to leave with a man that seemed obsessed with her. As I headed over to follow her, I was joined by Van Myers and Christos, who had seen her leaving as well. We raced outside, catching sight of her as she got into his car. We hurriedly got into the car to follow. Christos did a good job at following them for several blocks, but we were held up at an intersection, and lost them as they turned a corner ahead.

We drove around for about 10 minutes or so, trying to find the car. We came up to a corner, and saw Marie standing on the sidewalk. She looked dazed, and was looking around her, in the same hallucinatory state she had been in after her last encounter with the man. Surely she hadn’t drank from him again?

We bundled her into the car. Van Myers asked her what had happened and where she had been. She said the last thing she remembered was walking around inside the club, then standing on the street corner when we arrived. Van Myers said “she’s had her memory wiped by him.” Whoever he was, he must have been a very powerful vampire in order for him to do that to her. I shuddered at the thought of having my mind manipulated by an unknown person in that way.

We were about to drive off, when we were set upon by three of the ugly vampires (I had heard Van Myers refer to them as being of the clan ‘Nosferatu’). One jumped onto the bonnet of the car, smashed the windscreen with his fist, and grabbed Van Myers by the throat. The door beside Marie was ripped off by one of them, as was my own door. The creature that stood there was hideous, with rotting, maggot infested flesh hanging from it’s limbs. It was trying to grab me by the legs to drag me out of the car. In pure fear, I began striking out at it, flaying my hands at it. I heard it shriek as I scratched it’s arms, green slime oozing out of the wounds. I looked at my hands, and saw my fingernails had distended into vicious claws. They had sliced through the creatures decomposing flesh, and there was smoke coming from the wounds. It only backed away for a few seconds, before lunging at me again.

Marie and I were back to back, fighting our opponents, so I couldn’t rely on her to help me. All of a sudden, Christos floored the accelerator, and we sped away from two of the attackers. The Nosferatu on the bonnet was still there however, trying to pull Van Myers through the front of the car. After we had past a couple of city blocks, Christos braked hard to stop and assist Van Myers.

Van Myers seemed to have lost his grip, and the vampire pulled him out and onto the bonnet. He was being held up in the air, and all I could see were his feet dangling in mid air. Suddenly the vampire jumped up into the air, taking Van Myers with him. I didn’t have time to see where they went however, as once again Marie and I were set upon the same two Nosferatu! They must have run after the car at a terrific pace, and managed to catch up to us.

They began their assault on us again, and I was dragged out of the car by the feet. Thankfully Christos came to my assistance, and shot the vampire in the head, sending it falling in a heap on the ground.

I looked up to see what had happened to Van Myers. I could barely see into the darkness high above, but could just make out the shadow of him and the vampire. A large amount of blood splattered on the pavement beside me, and I assumed it was from Van Myers. How they were hovering up in the air above the street I didn’t know, and it seemed Van Myers wasn’t fairing very well in his battle.

Marie was fighting a vampire that was wielding a large pitchfork. He was lunging at her, intent on impaling her. She kicked at his torso, sending him staggering backwards a few paces. It was just enough time for Christos to fire off two shots him, dropping him to the ground. We looked at the bodies on the street beside the car, just as Van Myers and the vampire came crashing down on top of the car. The vampire disappeared, leaving us standing there, trying to comprehend what had just happened.

We were looking at each other in silence, surveying our surroundings. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw the car begin to move. Facing it, I watched as it began to lift up off the road. It raised up at the rear, then slowly flipped over, so it’s roof was the closest thing to the ground. We looked under the car, and still failed to see anything holding it ten feet above the road. Marie was freaked out, and ran off down the street in the opposite direction. An array of weapons fell out of the trunk onto the road beneath it. Christos seemed as though he wanted to dive under to get some guns, but was stopped by a sinister laughing behind us.

Spinning around, we saw a male standing at the end of the street. He was dressed in a black suit, and wore a top hat. He was holding a cane in his hand, that had an orb on the top. We had at least found the source of the car mysteriously raising in the air. Van Myers and Christos began to walk towards him, but after all that had just occurred, I decided my best move would be to run after Marie, in the other direction!

I ran as fast as I could, as just hoped the men didn’t get into harms way with the stranger. I heard an explosion, looked over my shoulder, and saw the car had fallen to the ground and erupted into a fireball. I just kept running.


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