Diary of a Vampire

by ‘Teresa Devereux’

Night 2 - Thursday. The Awakening

I awoke after what seemed like a restful sleep. Disorientated in the new surroundings, and totally unaware of my location, it took a moment to remember fully the events I had only just experienced. The terror of that event, the pain and pleasure.

I seemed to be lying on a bed, the feel of velvet under my body, my surroundings pitch black. I heard the sound of a door across from me open, yet still no light entered as one would have expected. I began to wonder if I was in fact blind. Then I saw them. Two red points of light, eyes, staring at me from only a few metres away. I heard a woman's voice. “Are you OK?” I froze in fear and barely utter the words “who are you, what are you? Get away from me!” The voice tried to reassure me, but I was gripped with overwhelming fear of what may have been in store for me next. I cowered into the corner of the bed, but being unable to see my surroundings, I fell off the edge onto the floor. I shimmied along the floor away from those eyes, and found a corner. I huddled there, frozen.

I heard a key in a door off to my left. But friend or foe? The eyes darted off towards the sound, and I heard a chair scrape across the floor. Suddenly the door exploded inwards with a crash, and light flooded the room. It took a second or two to adjust my eyes to the brightness after being in total darkness. I saw on the opposite side of the room to the door, a woman who was now sitting propped up against the wall. She was holding her arm across her face as if in pain, and a broken chair was strewn on the floor not far from her. I looked towards the doorway, and saw the silhouette of a man standing just inside the room.

Even though I could not see him well, I remembered him. He was the man in the library, the creature that attacked me! He briefly glanced at me on the floor, then moved to one side. Two large men stepped inside, dragging another woman between them. Another man armed with a shotgun followed them, and stood in the doorway. The man from the library stood behind the woman who had just entered, and placed his hand gently on her shoulder. She became calm, as if mesmerised, as he gently pushed her to her knees in front of the woman on the floor. His fingernails became claws again, and he sliced the restrained woman on the neck with them. He looked at the woman on the floor, and said “drink”. She seemed in shock, and did not move. The man dipped his nail into the bloodied neck, and flicked the fluid onto the woman's face in front of him. Louder now he commanded “DRINK”. The composure she had expressed before vanished, and she lunged at the neck and sucked the woman's essence. After a moment, the victim fell backwards, seemingly dead.

What had I watched transpire? It was the stuff of nightmares, not my reality. All I could think was “perhaps I am in a nightmare”. The bodyguards dragged the now lifeless body out of the room. Still in front of the other woman, the man dragged a nail across his own wrist, and again said the word “drink”, holding his arm towards her. With no hesitation she sucked his wrist. After a moment he went to pull his arm away, yet the woman holds it to her. He then pushed her roughly on the forehead to prise himself away from her. Regaining his composure he turns towards me.

Walking towards me he says “come” and beacons me towards the bed. As fearful as I was, I was propelled forward by some unknown force to crawl upon the bed to where he now sat. He carefully lifted his wrist in front of my face, and again said the word “drink”. Hardly aware of what I was doing, I drank of him, until he gently pushed my forehead towards the bed. I fell slowly back onto the softness of the covers into foreign pleasure. He then turned and left, with not so much as a backwards glance.

I lay there for a time, bathing in the lust filled waves crashing over my senses. It was at this time I realised I could no longer feel my own heart beating in my chest. I dared not take my own pulse, to confirm what I already knew to be true. I fell into the dreamless sleep of the dead.


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