Diary of a Vampire

by ‘Teresa Devereux’

Night 42 - Tuesday (continued)
Black Aura

We arrived at Van Myers apartment without incident. Marie had been eyeing our necks, and it had made both of us feel uneasy. Van Myers directed her over to his ‘armoire’ where he kept his silverware, in the hopes it would distract her for a while.

He checked his fax machine, and found a faxed letter from one of his advisors. He scanned the page, and turned on his television. C.N.N. News were running a story about a terrorist raid on a company by the name of ‘Pentax’. There were scenes of devastation at the company’s headquarters, and the stock for the company had dropped significantly. It had plummeted from $30 per share to $17. I asked Van Myers what was so good about Pentax? He said he had invested in shares of the chemical company, as it had been a good purchase at the time. While disappointment was on his face, he seemed confident that the price would rise again once the initial panic of the attack had subsided.

I have a substantial family trust account, but I have always left the investment side of it to the accountants. I know the basics about the share market, and that is all I have ever been interested in. As long as my bi-annual dividends are deposited into my account, that is all I concern myself with.

Van Myers asked me where I wanted to sleep, and what we were going to do with Marie. Normally I would share a room with her, but tonight was different. He offered me a room, but I decided the sofa would be better. AT least I would be able to watch her door, and Van Myers would be nearby should she do anything....untowards.

“Wait here, I want to speak with her first.”
Van Myers entered her room, to find her sitting on the bed entranced by a large silver serving platter. As I listened in, he tried to dominate her, but failed. I moved into his sight by standing in the doorway.
“Perhaps I can try and speak to her?”

With a knowing look, he left the room to us. I walked towards her tentatively, and sat gently on the bed beside her. I stared into her eyes, and used my power to dominate her.
“You will never intentionally harm Van Myers or myself. Do you understand?”
Her eyes glazed slightly, a clue for me that it had worked.
“Yes, I understand.”

Relieved, I stood and bid her goodnight. I couldn’t help but realise the irony of that statement as I walked out of the room. I closed the door, but I still didn’t feel 100% trusting of my ability. I wedged a chair up against Marie’s door, then made myself comfortable on the sofa.

Night 43 - Wednesday (continued)
Black Aura

Van Myers had hardly dressed when he was on the phone to his advisor. From what I overheard, it seemed the broker had sold the Pentax stock at 30% it's value, and bought the stock again in a panic at 18%. Van Myers also mentioned something about 'Blaque Market', a rival company, buying up the stock as it fell. In a barely controlled rage, he asked about the broker that had been trading on his behalf.

"It's just as well he jumped out that window, rather than have me deal with him." There was a coldness in his voice that made me suspect that was exactly what the poor broker had in mind when he took his own life. There must have been a substantial amount of money lost, for Van Myers to react so venomously.

Van Myers hung up from the call, and turned on the television. The terrorist attack was all over the news, and it added how, after an all time low, the stock had now begun to rise substantially. Van Myers was holding the edge of the table as he listened, the blood colouring his face as his anger increased. Suddenly there was a loud snap, as the edge of the wooden table snapped under the force of his grip. He hardly even seem to notice, instead swearing and storming off.

After a cooling down period, Van Myers walked into Marie's room. I timidly followed him to make sure she was OK too. I had taken the chair away from her doorknob as soon as I woke, yet she still hadn't ventured out of the room.

Marie was lying in the corner of the room in the foetal position. The silver tray she had been admiring last night was in the opposite corner with blood on it. Marie was shaking, and covered in blood sweat, her clothes soaked through.

Van Myers stood over her and said unsympathetically "What happened?"
"He was here."

A scowl crossed his face as he turned to walk out.
"Clean yourself up."
Not sure what to do, I stood inside the doorway waiting.

Marie looked at her hand and swore.
"My aura's changed. It has black stripes all through it!".
Van Myers had reached the door beside me. Stopping, he said to me "are any of those books of yours about aura's?"
"Yes, I think so."
"What about that winged gargoyle creature?"
"I can look. I think there is a book on mythical creatures there."

I suggested we head home to the mansion, where Marie and I could change our clothes, and I could look for some relevant books. Van Myers nodded and continued to walk out of the room.

After arriving home, I changed into a black skivvy and black dress pants. Marie insisted on borrowing one of my camisoles to wear as a top, and my denim jeans. Her modesty was non-existent. I also packed a small suitcase of clothes to leave at Van Myers apartment. There were so many occasions that I needed to stay at Van Myers apartment in the city. Due to my mansion being on the outskirts of town, it was increasingly difficult to come home to change.

I went to the library and found a book on mythical creatures. Marie didn't recognise any of the pictures I showed her of various beings, although they all seemed to have a similar theme. They were all evil creatures that were summoned with blood sacrifices. That seemed to fit with Marie's description, although what it was summoned for was a mystery still.

I managed to find a book relating to aura's. I could only find descriptions of different colours, and what they may mean, nothing about black stripes. But then, I'm sure the author had the living in mind when he wrote it, and not an undead vampire!

Marie said "well, if I can see it, then some other vampires probably can too."
That was going to be a problem, particularly if it only happened when a vampire had killed another of it's kind. I asked her if she could cover her aura with clothing, like a trench coat, but apparently it is still visible.

Van Myers and I discussed going to see Father Luther in the slum areas, to try and locate the soup kitchen Marie had seen in her 'vision'. We decided it would be best for Marie to stay behind at my place until we had more information, and to keep her from the peering eyes of other vampires.

We entered the side entrance of the church, and found Luther downstairs. We explained we were looking for where homeless people had been rumoured to have gone missing near soup kitchens. He said he knew of one, grabbed his coat off the rack, and said "let's go."

We followed him along the street, but it was slow going. Luther stopped at every homeless person on the sidewalk. He asked how they were, and gave a few coins to each of them. I admired the compassion he showed, but as much as I sympathised, it would take us all night as this rate. Finally, Van Myers spoke up.
"Father, they will all be here later for you to minister to. Do you think we can speed this up?"
Luther looked at him accusingly. "You seem in a hurry for one who has much to atone for."

I was glad Van Myers chose to remain quiet after that. The priest did hasten his step, and nodded to the homeless as he passed, telling them he would speak with them later.

We went to a soup kitchen filled with homeless men, women, and even a few children. It was a sorry sight, seeing so many people down on their luck, having to accept handouts of food. I was born into a family that has been wealthy for generations, and it is such a sad thing to see others less fortunate.

Luther greeted several people, and sat to talk with them. Van Myers and I went over to speak to two nuns serving food. We described Michael to them, and made out that we admired him for helping the kitchen. They said they would only see him about once a week, on various days. Van Myers handed them $200, to help their cause. As the nuns gushed their thanks, he handed them one of his cards, and asked if they saw Michael again, if they could call him. They were very obliging, and I can't help but think that even the church could be bribed by donations to their crusades.

We left with Luther, and walked around the neighbouring blocks, trying to find a building similar to what Marie had described. Luther told us he had witnessed two prostitutes being taken against their will in a limousine, only a few nights earlier. He said he had tried unsuccessfully to stop them. It certainly sounded like Michael, as I doubt there would be many limo's frequenting the area.

We thanked Luther for his assistance, and left him to attend to his 'flock'.


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