Diary of a Vampire

by ‘Ozrat’


An Introduction to 'Vampire - The Masquerade' Role Playing

Welcome to my nightmare!! Feel free to pry into the personal life of a newly Embraced vampire, by reading the diary entries she has kept. All 'diary entries' are based on actual table top roleplaying of my character from "Vampire - The Masquerade" © by White Wolf Publishing. As the following pages are kept in a night by night journal, it is best to read them in order. The original chronicle "Embraced" took place in December 1999 / January 2000, before the group disbanded. The chronicle "Redemption" began in September 2001. The latest chronicle "A New Era" began February 2006.

About the Author

I appear relatively normal when walking with mortals, yet like my character Teresa, I am a complex individual. It's all the bits you don't see that make me unique. I am Wiccan, and live in North Queensland, Australia, and work casual in 'Communications'. (my nickname at work is 'Buffy'. Go figure!?)

What's New?

Redemption - About the Troupe

The Storyteller - Without whom none of this would be possible. It is his ability that guides Teresa's diary through her unlife, in her home town of Boston. Also roleplays all NPC's. He has based some of his storytelling for this chronicle on 'Milwaukee by Night' .

Teresa Devereux - Newly embraced 11th Gen. Gangrel. Formally a librarian. Read Teresa's Story.

Franklin Van Myers - A 10th Gen. Ventrue, embraced around 1850. Now the owner of 'Van Myers Industries', a large import / export business based in Boston.

Marie Dubois - A 12th Gen. Toreador, embraced in 1977. Born in 1954 to French immigrants, she grew up in Conneticut. Marie attended art school in Boston, and settled into doing ceramics by day, sculpture and galleries by night. This was when she met her Sire 'Kathlyn'. After her embrace, her Sire trained her for 7yrs. Now that she has a new Childe to occupy her fickleness, Marie rarely sees her Sire.
Although Marie's talent has weakened since her embrace, she has not lost her desire to create beauty. She still creates ceramics and other works of art that she displays in small private galleries. Her perception is now heightened in many areas, and she has a love of silver weapons and jewellery.

Father Luther - Newly embraced Brujah. (Guest appearance from 'Reno's' session onward.) A man of the cloth (Priest), he has had no tutoring from his Sire, and his embrace was not sanctioned by the Prince. He feeds from stray animals, and is supplied other blood by an associate in the church. He has not fed from a human, ...yet...!

Christos Lemar - Newly embraced, 12th Gen. Brujah. He is originally from Venezuela, Northern South America. He meets an untimely end to his unlife, on night 8 - Jan.


1st Chronicle - Embraced

[ The Masquerade | Teresa's Story | Teresa's Statsheet ]
[Embrace | Embrace of Rhiannon | Awakening | Vampyre | Betrayal | Gordon ]

2nd Chronicle - Redemption

"Vampire Murders"

[ The Prince | Werewolf | Library | Medallion | Nosferatu ]
[ Jan | Felicity / Reno's | Priest / Kyle | The Prince, My Sire ]

3rd Chronicle - Redemption

"Blood Bond"

[ Van Myers / Grady | Assamite | Marie (Sabbat gathering) (Video) | 32 New Hampshire Way ]
[ Hypnotised | King takes Queen | Black Aura | The List | Anastasie | Michael’s Demise | End Game ]

4th Chronicle - A New Era


[ Lidia Coventry ]



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