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  26 Feb 2007

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Central NY Class particulars

Central NY Class Dates

We don't know just when, but usually in July the Catholic Bishops proclaim an NFP Week (have you ever noticed it?). The last 3 years we've had a nice party for the local NFP users and interested parties. Sometimes our Bishop comes. Stay tuned for this year's location and time...

That's the end of the news. Past goings-on, like our NFP Week celebrations are here

Local Class Particulars

Coming to a class is probably the best way to thoroughly learn NFP (other ways? Look here). The standard CCL class fee is $75 per couple, which includes all the books and materials you need to learn and practice NFP. It also includes a years' membership in CCL and subscription to Family Foundations for your continuing education. (Ask the pastor at your church if he will pay the fee for you. Some do.)

Class meetings are normally one evening a month for 3 months (3 two-hour meetings total). Each month we teach you a few rules, starting with the basics, and you can put them to use right away on your own cycle. The next meeting gives you some more rules, biological and moral background, chart interpretation practice, and practical tips. And we have a look at your chart to see if you're doing OK.

Every CCL class series worldwide is identical, so the material in meeting 2, for instance, is the same as another class series' meeting 2. So, if you miss one, or you want to reinforce what you learned, you can come to the next class meetings or another class somewhere else (in case your fiance lives in Utica, Michigan or Rome, Georgia). For free. After all, we're volunteers and our only reward is having you learn NFP well.

You probably won't need to take notes because it's all in the book. (
You'll need a pencil with a BIG eraser. There's no shame in goofing up on a practice chart.) There's some reading to do at home, but not all 512 pages of it. It's an encyclopedia, not a novel. You'll need different parts of it over the years.  

As you can see below, we usually have one class at Rome Hospital starting in the winter after the Christmas rush, and in the Utica area in the fall, ending before Christmas. (Yes, we really have taught over 50 classes since we started in 1981.)  We used to have a 4-class session course but CCL recently simplified the course to 3. We'll be having other one-evening classes in special subjects like menopause and natural mothering. 

If these times or places are bad for you, call us and we'll see if someplace else is better for everybody. You can also get the Home Study Course from CCL and come to any class session anywhere for no extra charge, and call/write/e-mail us (or any Teaching Couple, or CCL Central) with questions. If you'd like us to come teach a class somewhere else, let us know. (We will make you do most of the legwork.)

Babies are welcome. Both spouses are encouraged to come. Clergy are invited to stop in any time to see what goes on.

If you are interested in coming, please call us first; don't just show up. We should get to know your situation first, plus you never know if the class needs to be moved in space and/or time. And, you probably have questions anyhow. Call Mary Margaret and Jim Van Damme, 339-2143 (voice or TTY), or our promoters, Carol and Dave Armitage, 896-3959, who cover the Utica area & north, or Terry and Lisa Carguello in Syracuse, 637-9268. Hit the mail button up top and e-mail us if it's long distance.

Well, those are the more frequently asked things.  

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