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Our major pages:

index.html - home, links to other major pages
     \------- welcome.html is a redirect page before that, with webrings, awards and such

info.html - our main collection of stuff
     most  all minor pages are linked from here or theo.html

news.html - Central NY classes in NFP: dates, times, maps

resource.html - our big list of resources, books,, software, gadgets, organizations

theo.html - our Practical Theology and Sexualiity page, linked from index and info
   \----------- believe.html is an intermediate page from info.html
        all the moral, spiritual and theological pages listed below are linked from theo.html

 contact.html - how to get ahold of us here at the Oneida County, NY Chapter of CCL

 learn_it.html -  your options on how to llearn NFP

primer.html - " The NFP Primer" , which is wheree this site began in June, 1995

Our minor pages, but still good stuff:

about.html - describes the Oneida County chapter of CCL if you're curious
abstinence.html - a story about getting zinged at parents' night at a public school
adventures.html - Adventures in Abstinence, showing your love non-genitally
bcandgod.html  - an essay on the morality of contraceptionn, that's not boring 
cool.html - this is all junk. Well, some of it is cool
crunch.html - The dynamited remains of a hoge tower in Forestport, NY, with music
dailymed.html - a sample of a daily meditation that you can get e-mailed to you
depoprov.html - The dangers of, and withdrawal from Depo-Provera

fixed.html - the disadvantages of sterilization
ff.html - a sample of CCL's Family Foundations magazine
healthmisc.html - a potpourri of health issues pertaining to NFP, fertility, etc.
help.html - how you can help spread the word about NFP, maybe even be a teacher
hyperpro.html - Hyperprolactinism and how you can treat it 
islam.html - What Islam teaches about contraception - as far as we know
lestapis.html - a 1962 prophecy about  how contraception will affect society
mormons.html - the LDS disses contraception
motherteresa.html -  M.T. disses the Clintons
nmhustudy.html - a nursing study you can participate in
nursing.html - tidbits about breastfeeding and lactation amenorrhea
pill.html - good reasons not to go on oral contraceptives
rainbow.html - CCL's basic pamphlet about NFP, a quick read & good for printing out

robitussin_birth_defects.html - WARNING about Dextromethorphan in cough syyrup
rushman.html - a good morality essay, mostly from a Catholic perspective

sinofonan.html - Teachings against contraception back hundreds, thousands of years
sue.html - advantages of the Billings method
theomisc.html - potpourri of morality clippings
wendy.html - "What Every Catholic Should Know About Sex"
woodstockaftermess.html - Woodstock '99 hangover. Absolutely disgusting. 

More to come!


Updated 8/18/2002

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