BaDtZ mArU iS mY fRiEnD!!!!!

Hi, I aM rAcHeL. aNd ThIs Is My PaGe FoR aLl YoU HaPpY LiTtLe KaNdEe KiDdIeS oUt ThEre... EnJoY, iT tOoK mE a LoNg TiMe To MaKe ThIs HaPpEn.... I kNoW iT's NoT tHe BeSt SiTe OuT tHeRe, BuT iT hAs My LoVe FoR aLl Of YoU iN iT!!!! hApPy RaViNg... AnD rEmEmBeR, P.L.U.R.... aNd We WiLl AlL bE sAfE!!!!

AlWaYs ReMeMbEr ThE rAvEr AbC's:
A iS fOr AcId, UnLeSs YoU dOn'T uSe It
B iS fOr BrAcElTs, AnD a LoT oF eM'
C iS fOr CaNdY, tRuSt Me, YoU'lL nEeD iT
D iS fOr Dr. SuEsS, wE aRe KaNdEe KiDs
E iS fOr EcStAsY, nO eXpLaNaTiOn NeEdEd
F iS fOr FrIeNdS, tHeY kEeP u In LiNe
G iS fOr GrOoVeS, yOu'Ll Be DoInG a LoT oF tHis
H iS fOr HuGs, SpReAd GoOd ViBeS
I iS fOR iNtElLeGeNcE, uSe YoUrS
J iS fOr JaMmInG tO tHe MuZiK
K iS fOr KiSsEs, OnCe AgAiN, sPrEaD gOoD vIbEs
L iS fOr LoVe, It Is AlL yOu NeEd
M iS fOr MuZiK, eNjOy It...
N iS fOr NoCtUrNaL, nO sLeEp KiDdIes
O iS fOr ObLiViOuS tO tHe OuTsIdE wOrLd
P iS fOr PeAcE, pArT oF pLuR kIdDiEs
Q iS fOr QuEsT, yOu WiLl Be LoOkInG fOr SoMeThIng
R iS fOr ReSpEcT, pArT oF pLuR
S iS fOr ShArInG, wHaTeVeR yOu MaY ShArE
T iS fOr ToGeThErNeSs, SpReAd ThE lOvE
U iS fOr UnItY, pArT oF pLuR
V iS fOr ViSoR, pArT oF yOuR oUtFiT
W iS fOr WaTeRbOtTlE, sO u DoN't DeHyDrAtE
X iS fOr X-lArGe, BiG cLoThEs MaKe ThE kIdDiE
Y iS fOr YoU!!!! yOu MaKe ThE rAvE pOsSiBlE
Z iS fOr ZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZ

       tHiS iS mE.... hApPy PuNkInG rAvEr RaChEl....
                             LoVe Me, I aM cUtE!!!

mY cYbEr FrIeNdS...tHeY hElP tO sPrEaD tHe P.L.U.R aNd YoU sHoUlD tOo

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tHiS iS mY cOw PuNk JuNkEe

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You have to go to this site dedicated to my wunderful scott...


-~''i| How To Spot A Raver |i''~- Ravers can perfectly understand and have amazing conversations with anyone under the age of ten. Ravers know where all the best toy stores are. Ravers get the most mileage out of their shoes. The toes and heels always curl up because they're so worn down. Ravers always wish the dj would spin that OC Transpoting track that they keep hearing on the bus ride home. Ravers are the only people who don't have their age calculated in months, yet still wear and use pacifiers. Ravers always consider every new place they go to as a possible location for a party. Ravers hug EVERYONE. Ravers can DANCE. Ravers can be found dancing everywhere EXCEPT the main dance floor. Ravers understand the art of the bathroom conversation. Ravers choose their clothes by texture, colour, and size. Ravers love homemade clothes because they've seen the price tag on a pair of Lithiums. Ravers get the most enjoyment out of gino/guit stories. Ravers always order water when they go out to clubs. Ravers realize that "Evian" spells "naivE" backwards. Ravers notice that the doors near the Mackenzie King Bridge have an "e" on the handle. Ravers always know the most likely spot to find other ravers within a one-hundred foot radius. Ravers don't bother planning to meet their friends ahead of time, their friends are always already there. Ravers don't say "Nice shoes, wanna Screw?" Ravers give the best hugs and massages. Ravers have a one track mind. It goes "thump thump tweet thump tweet thump". Ravers constantly point out the trippy visuals in everyday life. Ravers helped Adidas through the "lean" years. Ravers never know the name of their favorite tracks. Ravers know how to SMILE. Ravers always choose "e" on multiple choice questions. Ravers are good at playing "guess what he's on". Ravers will say "hi" to those people they don't know, yet always see on the bus. Ravers can't watch Electric Circus without it being muted. Ravers define the style of music they listen to as "good". Ravers know what to do with a dead glowstick !

I hOpE yOu LiKeD mY sUcKy SiTe... CoMe AgAiN sOoN!!             P.L.U.R

YoU aRe KaNdEe KiD:

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