The Company of Crimson are a group of English live role-playing veterans who play in the age of Queen Victoria. Refs. Jema Davies, Dave Troll and Nik Hewitt run irregular live role play games based in 19th century Victorian England, a world of ether-tricity, science, art, poetry, fairies, gothic horror and eating vast quantities of cake.  Victorianism at it's finest through the experience of live role-playing with the Petrie family and UK based live/table-top/PBM role-playing campaign, The Company of Crimson. God bless Queen Victoria. Company of Crimson, English LRP in The age of Queen Victoria. The collected adventures of a group of associates, lead by Professor Flinders Petrie, in the late 19th Century. Live Role Play in Victorian England. Outrageous Victoriana mixes with long running intrigue. English LRP in the Yorksire moors, heart of England, London and the home counties, LRP from frocks to fairies and from ether to steam, with time for Tiffin naturally. Take a look at our UK based English role-play game set in the age of the Raj, the age of Queen Victoria, the age of steam, the age of corsetry - Company of Crimson, an outrageous 19th century English live role-playing campaign in the age of Queen Victoria. Company of Crimson characters range from Sir Harry Flashman VC to Professor Flinders Petrie, from Miss. Athena Agnew to Viscount Rupert Buffington and magician Mr. David DeVant, it's not real though, it's just our twisted brand of English LRP, set in the late 19th century, the age of the Raj, the age of Queen Victoria. This is the collected adventures of a group of associates whos interests range from the supernatural to the ether, from religion to steam, from archaeology to poetry, from theatre to law, from the gothic to Victoriana. Live Role Play in Victorian England.

The Company of Crimson

Company of Crimson is a long running UK Live Action, PBM & Tabletop Role-Playing Campaign set in the heart of Victorian England at the height of The British Empire, with a slightly more sinister twist.
1897 - 1901

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...of slipping halos, boobs and scrapes.

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(we stop for cake)

Welcome to The Company of Crimson Website - Live Role-Playing in the age of Queen Victoria.

God Bless Her Brittanic Majesty

"Everyone should keep someone else's diary"
- Oscar Wilde

The Victorian Company of Crimson has now run it's last event for the forseeable future and we have hung up our bustles and collars for the last time. Having had many great events over the years we have now taken a step forward, some twenty years into the 1920's, and a whole new company, The League of Crimson, has now picked up where the old company left off...

...many thanks to everyone who has been in touch with us though the website over the years or who has stopped us in the street to say "Hi". Your support has been greatly appreciated.

League of Crimson

Live Role-Playing in roaring 20's England.
A new Campaign for a new Company.

League of Crimson - 1920s Live Role Playing About Us
Letter From Mr. Black & Bequests
The Will & Our Constitution

League of Crimson - 1920s Live Role Playing Requested Reference Documents
Translation of "Scroll of Suns" - W.Riley

League of Crimson - 1920s Live Role Playing The Register of League Members
Gutsy Types - Adventurers
Mr. Morton Braddock
Miss. Sarah Hunter-Fitz Simmons
Mr. Edward "Eddie" Braithwaite
Captain Benjamin Petrie VC
Consuela Amara Hawkes
"Lucky" Jack Flynn
Lt. Douglas "Sandy" Flyte
Business Types - Professionals
Lord Arthur Christian
Mr. Hendrick Vorster
Mr. Oliver Black
Captain Edmund Leighton
Cocktail Types - Socialites
Lady Violet Charteris
Lady Evelyn Herbert
Miss. Madeline Behrens
Mr. Chester Slim
Miss. Celia Blume
Miss. Rose Mowbury
Clever Types - Scholars
Miss. Amy Fawcett
Sir Charles Leonard Woolley
Mr. Waylon Riley
Professor Edward Jacobs
Dr. Henry Lawrence
Sgt. Richard "Chunky" Baxter
Efficient Types - Below Stairs
Ms. Flora Darling
Miss. Teal
League of Crimson - 1920s Live Role Playing Previous Events & Gatherings
Where There's a Will
A Night at Slim's
Movies & Horsies
- Nemesis - Miss. Moburys Version - Pics
- Nemesis - Mr. Vorsters Version - PDF
A Funeral, Glass Aquarium & Private Lives
A Thoroughly Millie Weekend at Chartwell
Two Shorten the Road
Double Sin & Death on the Nile
Chartwell Revisited
The Full Monty Carlo

By the Pricking of my Thumbs
League of Crimson - 1920s Live Role Playing Information
The 1st World War & After
1920's Costume Guide
League of Crimson - 1920s Live Role Playing Forthcoming Events
A Cruise to Nowhere...
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