Some more of my in depth poetry.....

As words turn into sentences.
As minutes turns into hours.
I wait for you.
As I wish for you,
To feel what I could be real.
If you dare to deniey,
My true love for you will not deniey.
For I am true,
For you can see through,
My soul to be true,
Only to you.
As words turned into sentences.
As minutes turned into hours.
Time to time,
I wish and wonder,
could you ever be mine?

I sit and whonder why,
And hope that this love will never die.
I wonder why that this mortal soul has to dare,
Not to be so bare.
For I am not a bore,
This you cannot ignore.
I wonder what this could be,
And wonder how it could be,
If you loved me?
But this I wish that I would know,
But I will never know.
Because you will never let me know......

This mortal soul ia going under,
Because I you to be no longer under.
My love for you is known,
But your feelings you won't allow to be known.
So once again this love I have for you is unkown.
But I wish that my love for you would be well known.

I gave up on love,
I gave up on hate,
I gave up on my powers to be,
Because I only want to be with thee,For you I try not to cry.
For you I Love You, Guy.
And I will try not to cry,
When we say goodbye,
Even though inside I want to die....

© 2000 Written By: Renée M. Johnson

{a.k.a. Moonflower99}

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