As this life ahead of me,
And not knowing what is ahead of me,
This is what I cannot see,
And that is what is bothering me.
As these changes in me,
Is so hard to see,
And how it has to get through me.
And how I wonder how this can be,
And how much I wanted this life to be.
And now it's hard to flee,
As this life ahead of me.
As not knowing what lies ahead of me.
That is what scares me.....

As you search,
As you follow,
As you chosse a love that is shallow.
As you hurt.
As you bleed,
As you beg upon your knee,
As you made your plea.
As you borrow,
So you won't have sorrow,
So there will be no pain tommorrow.

As you care,
Then your life will be bare,
Cause then no one will care.
As you wonder,
Because your life is always going under,
About that lost love you wonder.
As you see,
What you don't want to see.
As you believe,
What you don't want to believe.
As you love,
With the wrong love,
As you search for your lost love,
To find someone to love....

© 2000 Written By: Renée M. Johnson

{a.k.a. Moonflower99}

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