I was blind
I could not see
What you were doing to me.
And now that I know
Now that all the dust has setteled to the earth.
What happend I ask?
Why did I have to go through this task?
Pledged my love in vain,
And now I am in pain once again.
How could this happend to me once again
to me time and time again?
Thoughts and emotions drift away,
As our love faded away.....
Just like that night,
When I couldn't stay........

My love for you sill always show.
And how much I care for you will always show.
Because my love for you will always grow.
And someday you will know,
That I will never go.
And how much I Love You so...

For you and always you,
I write for you.
I began with you.
And I wish for you...
I hope and dream for you.
To be with you and only you.
For you to love again,
For us to be whole again.
For you,
Is what I want to.

You gave me strength.
You gave me courage.
You gave me love with no discourage.
You gave me laughter.
You gave me love.
You gave me security.
You gave me hope.
You gave me life.
You gave me love,
once again.
You gave me beliefs again....

© 2000 Written By: Renée M. Johnson

{a.k.a. Moonflower99}

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