Thanks for stopping by to read my poetry!
Everything on here is written only by myself.
Inside you will find my thoughts and feelings.
You will also find my deep fears and desires.
Some poems may be so deep,
That they may brings tears to your eyes.
And some may just make you think to yourself,
"Hey, I've felt like that deep inside!"
I've been through some life's ups and downs,
Just like everyone else.
But, I've been told that I have a true talent,
So, I like to share my poetry each and every way.
Feel free to read my thoughts and feelings.
And then when your done,
Tell how you felt about my poetry.
At the bottom of this page,
You will find "Moonflower99's Poetry Dreambook",
That is my guestbook!
Feel free to sign it!
And once again "Thanks" for stopping by!


As Our Life Is Filled
With Friends, Thoughts and Memories
We Continue To Cherish Them Always.
These Thoughts Are By Moonflower99

"Celebrate Light, Life and Love!"

"Live for Today, Yesterday & Tomorrow!"

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(new) Poetry Written For My Husband "Robert"

My Father's Dedication Poem

Titled Poems:

"As I Am Next To You"

"As I Look."

"Ask Me"

"Back Into A Corner"

"Confused Soul"

"Continious Thoughts"

"Fears and Desires"

"How Much"

"I Can See It In Your Eyes"

"I Don't Want You To See Me"

"Inner Battle"

"Kick Your Ass"

"Look Into My Eyes"

"Stranger Within Myself"

"Acid Haze"

"As You..."

"Mental Journey"

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