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The producer of this web site is also the author of ‘About God’ and ‘About Worship’.  For further details of this literature please: -

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NEW ARTICLE: ‘United to What?' (A Look at Misuse of the Eucharist during the Lambeth Conference of July-August 2008)

NEW PIECE OF WORSHIP: ‘The Listening to God Service’ (Looks at the Right Way to Receive Blessings from the Holy Spirit)

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In its Literature List this site offers free bible-based literature on: -                                                  To discover more about this site visit: -

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D) Notices                                                       

1) For reasons of confidentiality, the producer of this web site (who is also the director of Yes-Now Publications) has adopted the pseudonym of Midrash Creed for his web site work and Raymond Creed for any published works.

2) Readers are strongly advised to read the Disclaimer BEFORE contacting the author or using his material.

3) This page and all contents of this web site are under the copyright of the author the Director of 'Yes-Now' Publications unless otherwise stated. All rights reserved, the moral right of the author has been asserted.

4) To guard against any plagiarism and copyright violation the author has replicated and stored in a different places all material on  this website; these could be produced as recognised legal evidence should the need arise. 

5) All readers are expected to use their own discernment when consulting or otherwise employing the sources listed in the bibliographies  or used elsewhere on this site. Please also note that: -

5.1 Listing in the Bibliography, does not mean that the director of this site necessarily endorses either the content or style of these sources – nor is he responsible for the conduct or financial/legal affairs of any organization associated with them.

5.2 Neither the quotation nor citation of a source in this work should be taken as a recommendation of its quality unless the director’s previous comments strongly suggest otherwise.




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