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Well.. Its finally here. I hope you enjoy these original poems. I am the author of most, but some here are by friends.. Contributions are welcomed. Just drop me an e-mail with your submission and who knows?.. You may be famous someday. Your work doesn't have to be about anything specific, just from the heart. None of this roses are red, violets are blue stuff. There's no format required, free prose is highly acceptable. Put a little feeling into it will ya?.. All works here should be considered copyrighted by Will Clark and/or the author. (Their name, if they desire, is posted to the right of the link).. if not specified, the poem is authored by Will.. Take what you like, but please use only for yourself or share freely with friends.

*All of this poems here are in the process of being updated and put on new backgrounds.. check back for new poems and a better look to the ones that are here already..

In The Middle Of The Night (Melodie)... This one made me teary eyed.. She wrote it for my 35th b-day

Deciever (Anonymous)

The Garden (For Melodie)

Wolf and Raven

Dream Bride

Sunday Morning

Sleeping In

You Are

The Tear



Poem by River (River.. hard hitter here.. seriously talented woman)


The Embrace



Come Back To Me


Wedding Vows

Out of The Blue



Greed (Chentelle)...

Oasis (Chentelle)...

Forever More (Chentelle)...

A Single Tear (Chentelle)

Blur (Chentelle)

What Will You Do (Chentelle)

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