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Friends I've Met Racing: 

I've also met some great people while racing in the short time I've been involved with Loudon Road Racing Series

Brian Murphy (a former RZ screaming on an EX500. Besides racing, Brian is the reason I enjoy Loudon as much as I do). 

Edgar Muller (probably the most generous racer at LRRS, and not just because he lets us share his garage space...Edgar's getting real fast on his EX500 in Production Twins and Lightweight Sportsman). 

Phil McDowell (a 125 rider that took some time off, came back, and now off again. Phil helped me the first night I arrived for Penguin school by waking up at midnight and safety wiring my bike by the light of his RV's headlights..I'll never forget that). 

Chris Cramer (Chris was really fast on his SV650 and has been an incredible help at Loudon with his experience and advice. We hope to have him back on a racebike again soon!). 

John Buanno (probably the nicest RZ350 racebike I've ever seen with Graves Motorsports bodywork and a stroker crank engine. John is one of the nicest people you'll ever meet. He also makes a killer Salsa. No Frown Brown!). 

"Ducati Steve" DelGrosso (the Great White himself, Steve has Ducati red flowing trough his viens and is always willing to help), Jerome Tomaselli, Dave LaFrance,  

Jimmy Duggan (another Irish lad and all-around great guy smoking the field on an EX500. Too bad he's heading back to the Isle in 2004.). 

John Farrell (my old nemesis from our lightweight sportsman battles, and good friend, on another TZ250), and many others.....) 

And now, my good buddy from the old High School days, Dave Kaskoun moved back to NY with his lovely wife Jeannine to join the SpeedbikeRacing team originally on my old RZ350 racebike and now on an SV650. Thanks to all of you for your help, advice and support!

Dave exits the bowl on the RZ at NHIS Dave, turn 1A just before the fateful crash Man, that was great! Dave sweeps through the long turn 1a 
Another shot of turn 1a Jerome leans over the EX Matt's first race on the new TZ There's always room for Jello Steve Scott shows us that Matt's new bike can do consistent 15s at Loudon Steve, with his custom painted AGV helmet Not a bad first year.... Loaded up and ready for the trip The new color scheme for the 2002 TZ Changing tires on the red RZ Dave starts 2002 in primer Johnny B 2001 Matt exits turn 10, 2002 Team Dead Chest Matt leads the pack thru turn 10 Team Dead Chest Pit Stops were flawless Saturday practice Chris Cramer screams the SV650 Ducati Steve on the 748 Edgar looking smooth on the EX Final preparations for Team Dead Chest Endurance Endurance pit Johnny B on the Monster Johnny B drags em down the straight Banquet 2001...two amateur regional championships Chris' home away from home Jimmy Duggan..another mad Irishman Murf and the Monster 
 The Irish lad's camp Red Flag endurance restart Johnny B screamed at the first race of 2002 with the all new RZ1 Race Team Sponsors
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