welcome.gif to my World of Fun, Earthlings! Below you will find my Control Panel to my World.
There's plenty of fun stored in this complex computer of mine, all to keep you busy while
I continue with my plan to blow up the Earth!

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I would like to take this moment to Thank and bring to everyone's attention, that this site
was nominated for and won the "Golden Web Award". Also don't forget to help support this site
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*** Great news Earthlings, no need to wait any longer to see my new cartoons. Cartoon
Network will air season 2 & 3 starting Friday January 7, 2005, at 9pm. It will also be shown
on Saturdays @ 1230am EST on Cartoon Network. They will all be new never before seen
cartoons of Duck Dogers and of course me. To preview the new toon and 5 new games with me
click here . I guess my acting career is back on once again! Don't forget to check out my
Image Gallery page 12 with five backgrounds of the show and 6 of Duck Dodgers "Attack of the Drones"
These are stills from the short that was only released on the Australian DVD release of Looney Tunes
"Back in Action." Also, check out the Original Looney Tunes cartoons Vol. 2 on DVD, released on November 4, 2004.

If you are wondering what the background is, it's my favorite planet "Venus". "Isn't it delightful?"
I never get to see it though since your planet Earth is in the way. Go ahead look around my world and have fun.
*** Especially try out any one of the 400+ Shockwave, Flash, and Java script games in "Games 1 thru 5"

Earthlings, I have an important announcement to make! Go to my "Sound Room" to find out what it is.

Marvin's Control Panel
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  • My theater full of downloadable
    movies of me and more.
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  • 310 pictures of me from baby to adult and more.
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  • My theater full of streaming
    movies of me.


  • 49 favorite old games, playable right here in "Games 1".
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  • Over 200 new games, playable right here in "Games 4".


  • Over 50 new games, playable right here in "Games 5".

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  • Over 35 looney games, playable
    right here in "Games 2".
  • 71 new games, playable
    right here in "Games 3".
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  • Looking to catch a "WAV" of me?
    Click the Sound Room button
    for the most complete Marvin and
    crew sound archive on the net!

    Click here

  • to see pics of me in "ASCII" form.
  • For fun activities you can print out for kids of all ages, click the links below.
  • Find Marvin
  • Finish Marvin
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  • Draw Marvin
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  • Click here for WB toon news.
  • Click here for all toon news.
  • Click here for sounds from "Back in Action."
  • Click here for a complete description
    of each new Duck Dodgers show.
  • Click here for an updated status on
    my show with Duck Dodgers.
  • Click here for the site of Bob Bergen,
    voice of Space Cadet.
  • Kids Directory, Information, Links and more. Click here for a kid friendly
    site, where a link to my site now appears.
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  • For all of you Science lovers out there, come see what my "Home" is like.
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  • The place for animated icons, screensavers, desktop themes, or just plain animation.
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  • National News, Financial News, or News of this site all while you play.
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