started march '00

Marian Cisar Welcome to the Marian Cisar home page! I decided Marian needed a larger website than one I had previously dedicated to him, so here it is! Now that Marian is in Nashville, hopefully on a permanent basis, news, info and photos will be easier to obtain!

Now let me tell you ...why Marian Cisar!

This page is dedicated to one of my fave Predators, the FIRST Predator, Marian Cisar. First Pred acquired, and oddly enough first to score a goal in each of Nashville's first games of the first two preseasons! I am still impressed by his play-saw him in Detroit playing for Milwaukee, where he scored a hat trick to help the Ads win 5-2. Unfortunately I wasn't at THAT game, these 2 teams also played 2 nights before and I was at that game! Milwaukee lost that one in a shootout 4-3! Now he has shown his stuff in Nashville and I hope he is here to stay. As I write this he has 21 points in 33 games!!
So if you are a Marian fan too, or have anything to add, PLEASE leave a message on the guestbook or please e-mail me!. Thank you!

All updates will be posted on this front page.
UPDATE: Feb 15, 2001-Marian lost four teeth and suffered an additional five cracked teeth when he took an accidental stick to the face from Dallas' John MacLean on Tuesday. He also sustained plenty of facial swelling, but suffered no broken bones.

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