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So, You're Thinking Of Getting A Border Collie?


This is Dickens ... he was the one who introduced me to the wonderful world of Border Collies. He was born April 14th, 1985 on a farm in Anola, Manitoba, Canada. In his younger days he led a very active life which included - Obedience competition, Flyball, Scent Hurdle Racing and Agility. He also attended a few sheep herding clinics and always impressed me with his talent around livestock.


Mmmmmm This was the cake that was presented to us when Dickens and I finally got our OTCH (Obedience Trail Champion)


Dickens ~ Photo taken at approx. 8 yrs. of age
Dickens - Half Time at the Bomber Game

Dickens doing a Flyball Demo at the Winnipeg Stadium - Allsorts Dogsports Half Time Show at the Blue Bomber Game.

Does he look like he would rather be doing anything else?


Trimine's Moxie CDX, Am. CD, HIC, ShdCH, FM, MAD, OAC, NJC,
NGC, ADC, OFA Good (Hips & Elbows) / CERF

Once I got involved in performance sports, I decided I was ready for my second Border Collie. I waited 2 years for this little treasure and she definitely needed a name to match her personality! Born Sept.17/91, Moxie lives for anything involving movement, *especially* Agility. She has competed in Agility in the US and Canada and made her debut in AKC Obedience in 1998. She placed 1st in Novice Agility (2 days in a row) and 1st in Novice Obedience at the BCSA National Border Collie Specialty, held in October, 1998 at Purina Farms, Missouri.
At age 13, Moxie still enjoys our daily walks (or runs as she understands them) and still races to the front of the pack.

Air Moxie
Moxie and Gex

(Photo by Faye - McMaster Photographers - Winnipeg, Manitoba)

This is Moxie with her son Think'n Do 4 Ewe, better known as 'Gex' or 'The Gexter'. Gex and his litter mates were born the night of an unforgettable blizzard, April 4, 1997. Gex is pretty much a party animal always looking for a good time. He loves to play with anyone or anything that will cast a glance his way. He has started Obedience and Agility training and work with sheep.

Gex's Dad, Chuck works stock on a daily basis (sheep and dairy operation) in Lenore, MB. Chuck invites the wife and kids out for herding lessons whenever he has the time ... and they LOVE it.

Me Too !!!

If Mom hasn't decided to keep
me yet, this should do it!

Early socialization is very important
to a Border Collie pup.

Moxie's Boyz (top to bottom)

Think 'n Do Jagger "Jag"

Think 'n Do 4 Shur "Rally"

Think 'n Do 4 Ewe "Gex"

Think 'n Do A Task "Taska"

Missing: Think 'n Do Pride (female)

Moxie's Boyz


Photo by Todd VanBuren - Winnipeg, Manitoba


Moxie's daughter "Pride". Though Pride lives out west (Calgary) we hear about the wonderful things she's doing and we are especially proud of our little girl. This photo was taken while attending an Agility Trial in Saskatoon in 1999.

Pride is living up to her name! She has now achieved her Elite Agility Certificate EAC as well as her Elite Gamblers Certificate Outstanding Performance O-EGC (NADAC).
Congratulations to Virginia, Kelvin and ... Pride
- 'You Go Girl!'

Being the only girl in a litter with 4 boisterous
brothers has obviously built character!

I am one very proud grandmother!!

Gex's Daddy, Chuck

This is Gex's Daddy, Chuck FDCh.
Chuck's accomplishments include

Yorkton, Saskatchewan '96 Cattle Penning - placed 2nd Overall
Agribition '96 Sheep and Arena Trial - placed 10th
McGregor, Manitoba '97 Sheep Arena Trial -placed 3rd Overall
Yorkton, Saskatchewan '97 Cattle Penning - placed 2nd Overall
Yorkton, Saskatchewan '98 Cattle Penning - placed 1st Overall
Yorkton, Saskatchewan '99 Cattle Penning - placed 1st Overall

Gex's brothers and Dad - taken at a Flyball Tournament in Brandon, MB

All of Moxie's pups went to loving homes and lead very active lives.

They are all involved in performance sports such as Flyball, Agility and Obedience. They are my pride and joy and I couldn't be happier with their accomplishments in training and life in general.

Hi, my name is Rena! (alias 'Reen the Bean'). Though I'm not a
bonified Border Collie (only half), Mom says I deserve space on
this page because I'm the lead vocals in this family and because
I add so much colour. Obviously I didn't come with papers so
we're not really sure when I was born, other than sometime in 1988.   I was born on a dairy farm near Inwood, Manitoba. My hobbies include eating, frisbee, stepping on people's snow shoes, playing with Gex, .. and did I say eating?

We are very proud of Rena, she's not been an easy dog to train but she sure has been
fun. I know she's taught me as much as I've taught her, if not more. In her younger
years, Rena held the Top Mixed Breed in the North American Flyball Assoc. (NAFA)
standings and prior to that, she graduated from her beginner obedience class with
the highest score. Rena has been involved with Superdogs both in Winnipeg and the
Royal Winter Fair in Brandon, MB. She always gave 100% especially in the Puissance
event at Superdogs. Though she would never admit it, Rena is getting on in years now
and lives a less hectic life but ALWAYS gets her .02 in. She is "Daddy's little girl" and
knows she can wrap him around her paw at any given moment. Rena is a Border
Collie/Heeler mix and a very special member of our family.

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