Most people would agree that human touch is essential for spiritual and mental well-being whether you believe a hug a day keeps illness at bay. Touching and being touched is a way to connect ourselves to each other. It is a way to show comfort, affection and support, among other things; It is ultimately one of our basic needs. With new research suggesting massage (regardless of type) have major health benefits it begs these questions - Have you really been touched lately, felt totally relaxed, refreshed, renewed, ready to face life's new challenges? Tantric massage is used to relax the mind and body, allowing us to receive undiluted, selfish pleasure without active participation nor expectation of anything but pleasurable stimulation that allows the receptors to engage and function intently to the discovery of the other side of sensory relaxation. A time to open your mind to a world of physical and mental rejuvenating pleasures with great health benefits and blissful bodily joys without leaving your home or hotel to enjoy it. You will hear unfamiliar terms for what we deem intimate areas in the West become 'Lingham/lingam' the male private part and 'Yoni' the female private part. These terms are used in Tantric Massage and are thought of in a wider sense in the East. Lingham/Lingam, translated means "wand of Light" it is deemed sacred; the part of the male body that channels creativity and pleasure throughout. In Tantra the Lingam is respected, revered, as lovingly cared for as the Yoni. The Yoni massage is one way to heal physical blocks, open the body to receiving unforgettable pleasure and induce a deep emotional connection to a woman's physical sexual experience. Any type of massage whether it be Sensual Massage/ Tantric Massage or more conventional Massage techniques, should be a treatment that provides a person the greatest opportunity to derive pleasure and stress relieving benefits. Many Couples, Men and Women are indulging in this form of naturist massage relaxation in London, as a means of experiencing intense and lasting sensations. Blending ancient Eastern Massage techniques with Western Swedish and Deep Tissue Massage, MAJESTIC London has built the bridge in creating this synergistic, therapeutic yet very Sensual Massage. A creation of pleasurable Full body manipulation by fully trained, charmingly beautiful masseuses and masseurs. Expect complete physical and mental relaxation. Once people discover the many joys and benefits of Sensual Tantric Therapeutic Massage, a common question arises - "How often should I schedule my massage sessions?" Of course, there is no set answer, but studies indicate, massage at regular intervals is most beneficial to your overall health.