Welcome to my world Kiddies. It's the world of Rifts. Earth has been devastated and lines of magical energy have erupted all over the face of the world, thus bringing back magic to our world. But in the words of Banon Fallamyr "Kid, that ain't the half of it." It also brought demons, aliens, vampires, slavers, dimensional beings and travelers, human supremist. In short, all Hell has broken loose and we're here to have fun with it. That's the basis of the game. Pretty much pick out any kind of creature, person, soldier, mage, psychic, super hero, super fiend, etc. that you want to be, and you can be it. We got everything. We got giants, we got midgets, we got fairies, we got robots, we got ancient gods and their offspring, we got armies upon armies of soldiers armed to the teeth and ready for anything, we got mercenaries, we got assassins, we got......well, you get the picture. I'm Jake and I'm here to show you my little corner of all this. I'm a GM and I dictate reality to my players. It's fun but it's work. Here's my sight, with my creations, my notes, and my e mail address to ask me the questions about the game that you're scared to ask other people.

WARNING!!!!!!! The items and characters contained herein may seem overly powerful almost god-like!!! But my opinion on that is this, WHO CARES?!?!?!?!? It's my player group and I'll do what I want to. Every character in here was rolled straight from the book. With a few little add ins. My player group and I see it like this. WE LIKE POWERFUL STUFF! And Rifts has the flexibility to allow that. There are a thousand and one things you can do to make a powerful character. You figure em out. Need Extra strength? Take the Body Building and Weight Lifting skill. Want Critical Strike rolls early on in the levels, Hand to Hand: Assassin. Need and extra attack? BOXING! Hell, if all else fails, start your character at 6th level and work in a story of how he was blessed by God and given special powers. The rules of the game pretty much a guide line as I see it. Rules can be bent. But it must be at the GM's discretion. Be careful making your characters too powerful though, cuz then the only thing that will hold a challenge for you is taking out the CS, the Splugorth, or the Vampire Kingdoms, and that can make you enemies with people you don't wanna be enemies with. Just be careful, you don't HAVE to play nice, just cautious.

Creations (O.C.C.'s and R.C.C.'s)- Look what I've done!

Maps and Items!-Some stuff for you to play with, don't hurt yourself.

Links- A few Links I think are worthy of attention. Not that there aren't more out there, I just haven't seen many links yet!

KAOS Armaments- The toys of KAOS

My Adventure- This is the adventure I'm currently running with my group. Enjoy!

Now I know if you are someone from Palladium you are wondering where your credit is. Well don't get your panties in a bunch. I wouldn't DREAM of stealing the thunder from some of the greatest gaming minds to have ever lived!!! (yes I'm kissing ass, Can I have a job working with you guys?!) I really do think you guys and gals at Palladium are the best! Ok here's the thing I HAVE to put up for legal purposes:

Palladium's Internet Policy


To all GM's and Players out there:

   If you have questions about Rifts that you need answered,  or an opinion of something in Rifts, PLEASE Feel free to drop me an e mail and I'll reply just as quickly as I can! The e mail address is Just put RIFTS in the subject line and I'll know to open it First! HAPPY GAMING!!!!


PC's and NPC's


By the way, This page is still under construction. If any of the links don't work please let me know. Thank you.



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