Here's more stuff  I've created with a little help from my friends. I'll say more about that later. Races and Occupations are what we have here! Like always feel free to augment and change the Classes in any way you want. Palladium and Kevin Siembieda both provided me with guidelines so I'd like to provide other people stuff to play with. Here Ya GO!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jedi Knight O.C.C.-Exactly what it sounds like

Hybrid Hunter R.C.C.- My little rendition of The Predator but with a slight changes to bring it home to RIFTS!

Khyber R.C.C.- I got this one from a sight called Rifts Antarctica (GREAT SIGHT IF ANY OF THE CREATORS ARE READING THIS). I've tweaked it a little to make it suit my campaign better. Hope they don't mind.

Kannuck R.C.C.-  This is your basic mega-damage type Wolverine Character. With a few little tweaks, yet again

Lypitorr R.C.C.- This one I can take ALL the credit for. This R.C.C. is my baby. It was my first attempt at creating a new R.C.C. and I think it turned out rather well.

COMING SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Day Walker R.C.C.- A new breed of Vampire that can walk in the light and even BATHE now!!! I made this conversion after watching Blade.

Death's Angel R.C.C.- STRICTLY USED AS AN NPC VILLAIN!!!! These demons are pure evil and will not only unbalance a party but maybe destroy it. If your GM will allow you to use one, then more power to you but I don't advise it and I take no responsibility in what happens to the adventure



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