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"Help us to quaff, O my God, from the fingers of mercy the living waters of Thy loving-kindness, that we may utterly forget all else except Thee ..."

Allah-u-Abha and welcome, my dearest friends, to Living Waters! It is my heart's wish that this site may become a cause of inspiration and joy to the souls of those who visit it, so that I may know that I have shared even a fraction of the delight I have known in my short time as a Baha'i! This place was created because I know that we all have so much to share with those with whom we share this world. How else can we be united? How, if we never share our stories, dreams, and prayers, can we bring about the Most Great Peace? I encourage you especially to visit the links page. Even if there is nothing here that strikes a chord in you, there may be something somewhere else that would. Let's explore our world!

If there is any way at all in which you think I could better serve my guests, please, please contact me! (Or if you just want to say hi, or need to talk to someone, or want to invite me on your travel-teaching project ... any reason at all, please drop me a line!) Please feel free to browse, bookmark, and return whenever you like. God being willing, I will have updates regularly. For the most part, the Poetry section is most frequently updated. For now, peace, my friends! Be happy!

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