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Little Steps Childcare                               
                                                                                          Providers Policies

1. Philosophy
I believe that children should be allowed to grow at their own pace and to learn in ways that help them become confident in themselves as learners.  I  have two goals:

∑ to help children learn about themselves and the world around them
∑ to encourage children to feel good about themselves as learners

These goals guide everything I do in my program.  Children at Little Steps Childcare are given the opportunity to explore, experiment, and create in a safe and nurturing environment.

2. Non-Discrimination

Little Steps Childcare does not discriminate on the basis of race, colour, gender, religion, or national origin.

3. Hours of Operation

Little Steps Childcare will generally operate between the hours of 7:30am and 6:00pm  Monday through Friday. 

4. Holidays and Vacations

∑ The following are paid holidays when they fall on a day regularly scheduled for care:  New Yearís Day, Victoria Day, Canada Day, Civics Day, Labour Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day.
∑ The following are unpaid holidays when they fall on a day regularly scheduled for care; Good Friday and the day after Christmas.
∑ There will be no charges related to the providerís illness or other emergency that prohibits care.

5. Admissions and Enrollment

The following forms are required and need to be completed prior to the childís first day:

∑ General Permission Form
∑ Contract
∑ Baby/Child Enrollment Form
∑ Medical Emergency Consent Form
∑ Child Pickup Authorization Form
∑ Permission to Administer Form
∑ Field Trip Permission Form

6. Payments

∑ Payment shall be due on Monday morning upon arrival for the current week.
∑ If payment is not received by Monday morning then a late fee of $10.00 per day will be charged.
∑ If payment is not received by following morning, then the provider will give the parent a termination notice unless accepted payment arrangements have been made.
∑ Payments will be made in the form of cash, check, or money order.
∑ The parent will be charged $30.00 for a returned check and all subsequent payments will be made in cash.

7. Overtime Rates

∑ If the parent arrives earlier than 7:30am or later than 6:00pm the following rate will be charged:  $5.00 per every 15 minutes of overtime.

8. Written Notice

∑ Either parent or provider may terminate the contract by giving two weeks written notice in advance of the ending date.  Payment by parent is due for the notice period whether or not the child is brought to the provider for care.
∑ The provider may terminate the contract without giving any notice if the parent does not make payments when due.
∑ By signing the contract, parents agree to abide by the written policies of the provider.  The provider may amend the policies by giving the parents a copy of the new or changed contract at least two weeks before they go into effect.

9. Program Policies

∑ The providerís program is varied in order to promote the educational, social, cultural, emotional, and recreational development appropriate to the ages and developmental levels of all the children.
∑ The program will provide for experiences that are designed to influence a positive concept of self, recognizing that a child is a member of a family.
∑ Each child will be provided with a sufficient quantity and variety of materials and play equipment appropriate to the age of the child and developmental level and interest.  Such materials and play equipment may include:  books, paints, crayons, safety scissors, paper, blocks, puzzles, toys, games, balls, and riding toys.
∑ Daily supervised outdoor play is required for all children in care, except during inclement weather or unless otherwise ordered by a physician.
∑ Appropriate rest and quiet periods will be provided in accordance with individual and group needs, when a child can sit quietly or lie down to rest.  For children unable to sleep, time and space will be provided for quiet play. 

10. Behaviour Management and Discipline Policy

Discipline provides an opportunity to enable a child to develop self-control.  When a child is having a difficult time following directions or treating others or property with respect, developmentally appropriate guidance techniques will be used.  These techniques are as follows:

∑ Providing an example for children by speaking and interacting with them in a positive manner.
∑ Rewarding acceptable behaviour.
∑ Redirecting a child to an alternate activity.
∑ Brief separation from the group.  (This technique will only be used when a childís behaviour harms or is likely to result in harm to the child, others, or property.)

11. Safety Precautions

Little Steps Childcare will conduct monthly fire drills during the hours of operation and a written plan for the emergency evacuation of children from the premises will be posted on the parent information board.

12. Meals and Snacks

∑ Since food and nutrition are important components of a childís development, Little Steps Childcare emphasizes fresh and natural foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables, homemade soups, whole grain breads, etc.
∑ The provider will provide a well-balanced breakfast, lunch, and afternoon snack.  All foods are chosen in accordance with the Canada Food Guide.  Weekly menus will be provided on Friday for the coming week.
∑ All of my menus include Vitamin A vegetable/fruit at least twice a week and Vitamin C vegetable/fruit and several iron-rich foods each day. 
∑ Parents will supply all formula and baby food for infants until the child is 12 months old or can safely eat the regularly scheduled meals.
∑ If a child has a particular dietary need, substantiated by a medical evaluation, We must be informed and given a doctorís note.  Substitute meals or snacks may be brought from home.

13. Illness Policy

The parents agree to notify the provider of a childís illness or suspected illness and to make alternate arrangements for care if the child shows any of the symptoms listed in the attached Exclusion Criteria sheet.

The provider will notify the parent if the child shows any symptoms while in care and the parent will pick up the child when requested by the provider.

14. Medical Emergencies

In the event of a life-threatening medical emergency, the provider will call 911 and then the parents.  If the parents cannot  be reached, the provider will then call the persons listed on the Child Pickup Auth Form.

15. Medications

Medication may be administered under the following conditions:

∑ Consent:  Written consent is required to administer any medications.
∑ Prescription medication may only be given upon written order of a physician stating that the provider may administer such medication and accompanied by written instructions from the parent.  All prescription medication must be in its original container and properly labeled.
∑ Non-prescription medication may be given on an infrequent, non-routine basis under written instructions from the parent.  If a child develops symptoms which indicate a need for non-prescription medication while in care at the providerís home, such medication may be given under oral instructions from the parent for that day only.
∑ Topical ointments may be applied as needed for protection against the sun or diaper rash under written parental instructions.

16. Childrenís Supplies

Parents are required to supply the following items, which are necessary for the proper care of your child:

∑ Backpack/Diaper bag with two sets of clothing and a pair of slippers for indoors.
∑ Appropriate outside wear (boots, gloves, hat, etc.)
∑ A blanket or pillow (pillow is optional) which will be returned to the parents every Friday for washing.
∑ Diapers or Training Pants and diaper wipes
∑ Necessary medications (when applicable)
∑ Substitute food (when applicable)

17. Summation

All children enrolled into my care are treated with love and respect and provided with the opportunity to engage in a wide variety of activities.  My most fundamental objective is to provide your child a safe, clean, and loving atmosphere, in which each child will feel he/she is loved, valued, and wanted.
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