Weddle Family

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Here's the email I sent to other Weddles: 

In the past couple of months I have been able to obtain more Weddle
information than I thought I would ever receive. I submitted an inquiry
regarding the book "Noah Selmon Weddle And The Civil War" that had been
found in the Jackson County, Indiana library. Well, I was able to borrow
that book through the Phoenix Public Library (intra library loan. Well, to
make a long story short I have been in contact with the author, Charles
Monell, and have found out that he is my cousin. His mother is my
grandfatherís neice....which would make her my Mom's cousin. It breaks down
like this:

Children of Noah Selmon Weddle and Cordelia Brown and their families:

Gertrude May married henry Pratt:
Their children: Glenn, Claude, LaVerne, Earl

Charles De Weddle married Maria Forslin:
Their children: Franklin, George, Charles, Leona Gertrude (Charles Monellís

Edgar Mansfield married Cora Shields:
Their children: Norene, Harold, Ramona

Daniel Creed married Ethel Williams (my grandparents):

Their children: Vernon Mansfield, Daniel Creed Jr., Cordelia May, Robert
Dale, Georgia Jane, Meryl Ellen (my mother), Vivian Evelyn, Lois Marie,
Noah Selmon, Samuel Lewis, Dixie Beth, Carawana Ilene, (Carol Lyn, died at

It also states in this book that Noahís first American ancestor was a John
Weddle, born in Holland about 1739. He arrived in Baltimore, Maryland in
1774 with his wife Mary Walling, and their first three sons, Amos, Elias,
and George. In time they would have a family of eight sons and one
daughter. There was also a son, Daniel (fifth child), born in Baltimore,
November 30, 1781. This is Noahís Grandfather, my ggggrandfather. Daniel
married Mary Wallen in Hawkins County, Tennessee in 1795. Mary Wallen was
the daughter of Joseph and Milly Jones Wallen, and was Danielís first
cousin as Maryís father Joseph, was the brother of Danielís mother. Two of
Danielís brothers would also marry two of Mary Wallenís sisters, all first

Daniel Weddle and his wife Mary Wallen Weddle had twelve children; eight
daughters and four sons. Their eighth child was my gggrandfather John D.
Bosharp Weddle. John D. Bosharp Weddle was born July 22, 1815 in Scott
County, Virgina. He married Nancy Daniels, probably in Medora, Indiana on
December 14, 1835. These were Noahís parents. They had five children:
Sarilda, born November 30, 1836; Noah Selmon, born January 27, 1838; Susan
E. born 1841; and twins, Daniel W. and Caroline, born 1842.

Sarilda married a cousin, Jasper R. Weddle. She died April 29, 1884 and she
died March 15, 1898. They are both buried in Heighton Hills Cemetery,
Jackson Co., Indiana. They had seven children: John D. Weddle, Issac N.
Weddle, Salinar Wesley Weddle, Elsworth Weddle, Nancy Weddle, Charles W.
Weddle, and Thomas F. Weddle, 

There are no records of Susan E. Danielís twin sister, Caroline is
mentioned in a letter sent to Noah by his mother in 1890. She appears to
have married a "Joe" and was living in Medora at that time.

Daniel Creed WEDDLE's Children

No. 6 Father of No. 3 Meryl Ellen
Name: Daniel Creed WEDDLE
Born: Lindsborg, KS

No. 7 Mother of No. 3 Meryl Ellen
Name: Ethel May WILLIAMS
Born: Oakwood, OK

Daniel Creed WEDDLE and Ethel May WILLIAMS had 12 children as follows:

1 of 12 Vernon Mansfield WEDDLE
Born: 08 September 1915 Harrington Kansas
Married: Grace GILMORE 28 July 1933 Hattisburg Mississippi
Children: 2

2 of 12 Daniel Creed Jr. WEDDLE
Born: 8 March 1918 Harrington Kansas
Married: Grace DONOVAN
Children: ???

3 of 12 Cordelia "Buttons" May WEDDLE
Born: 8 July 1919 Harrington Kansas
Married: J. R. STEWART
Died: in the 1940's
Children: John Robert Jr.

4 of 12 Robert "Bobby" Dale WEDDLE
Born: 24 February 1920 Harrington Kansas
Married: Gladys ?
Children: Ethel

5 of 12 Georgia "Jane" WEDDLE
Born: (private) Hattisburg Mississippi
1st spouse: Albert MOSES
2nd spouse: Sam WRIGHT
Children: ???

6 of 12 Meryl Ellen WEDDLE (my mother)
Born: 24 February 1924 Hattisburg Mississippi
Married: Norman Leonard COULOMBE 30 June 1942 Hattisburg Mississippi
Children: 2

7 of 12 Vivian "Mickey" Evelyn WEDDLE
Born: (private) Hattisburg Mississippi
1st spouse: Bud SWIFT
Child Barry Gene SWIFT
2nd spouse: Joseph "Joe" UNNOLD
Child #1 Joseph Jr. UNNOLD
Child #2 JoAnn UNNOLD

8 of 12 Lois Marie WEDDLE
Born: 12 December 1927 Hattisburg Mississippi
1st spouse: Clyde BADGER
2nd spouse: Clyde SAULS
Died: ???
Children not sure from which spouse
Clyde Jr. (killed during Vietnam war)
Died: 1979 or 1980

9 of 12 Noah Selman WEDDLE
Born: 18 January 1928 Hattisburg Mississippi
Married: No
Died: Kansas He was hurt when a bomb hit the ship he was on during WWII.

10 of 12 Samuel Lewis WEDDLE
Born: 18 January 1928 Hattisburg Mississippi
1st spouse: ???
2nd spouse: Lois
Died: Kansas

11 of 12 "Dixie" Beth WEDDLE
Born: (private) Hattisburg Mississippi
Married: Marlin WIENNAND

12 of 12 Carawana Eileen WEDDLE
Born (private) Hattisburg Mississippi
Married "Blackie" BLACKBURN

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