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I'm the GGGG Granddaughter of James E Barbee and Sarah Martin. I grew up in Lula, Coahoma County, Mississippi, like my father before me, Lester Leigh Barbee Jr and his father before him, Lester Leigh Barbee and his father before him, John E Barbee and his father before him, Thomas N Barbee. The parents of Thomas were Elijah and Monica Poe Barbee. They moved to Lula, Mississippi in the 1830's from Tuscaloosa County, Alabama, and actually lived in what was known as Barbee Flat.

My Grandparents:

Bartholomew Stovall born August 24, 1665 in Albury, Surrey, England married Ann Burton born 1664 in Henrico County, Virginia. Bartholomew, the first in his family to emigrate to America, was born to George Stoffold and Joan Tickner, daughter of Bartholomew Tickner and Millicent. His birth was recorded four times in the Quaker Records of Guildford, with two different dates, as Bartholomew Stowell. He was baptized at the age of 18 on November 11, 1683 in the Episcopal Church (Church of St. Peter and St. Paul) at Albury. He may have done this in order to emigrate, since Quaker and other non Episcopal religions were not held in the same regard as the members of the Church of England.

James Patterson, Sr. Born 1685, in Pennslyvania. He was known as "The Old Indian Trader" He married Susanna Howard in Ireland as early as 1708. Their children were Susannah (Lowry), Sarah (Chambers), James, Rebecca and Thomas. In 1736, my grandmother Susanna married Thomas Ewing, a Presbyterian and a member of Donegal Church, as was also James Patterson.

Major James Poe, Sr. fought in the American Revolution in South Carolina with Francis Marion, the Swamp Fox. Married to Mary Watts Abt. 1772, in Randolph County, North Carolina. He is buried near Newtonville, Alabama in Tuscaloosa County. He came to Tuscaloosa County about 1825 from North Carolina. He's listed in the 1830 census in Tuscaloosa County, Alabama. Also in the 1800 and 1810 census, Chatham County, North Carolina, and Wake County, North Carolina. Hillsborough treasury issued Revolutionary pay vouchers. Revolutionary Army accounts, (v6 p36, folio3) State of North Carolina, Dept of Cultural Resources, Division of Archives and History, Raleigh, North Carolina. He moved to Anson County, North Carolina between 1790 to 1800.

Alexander Bowling born April 13, 1781. He married Elizabeth Worthy. Their children were Preston, Mildred, James M, George W, Alexander B, William H, and Permelia.

Alexander B. Bowling born October 10, 1819 in Alabama. He married Mahala Coopwood on October 25, 1837 in Old Town Creek, Lawrence County, Alabama. Alexander and Mahala had two known children: Josephine Bowling and James Bowling.

Josiah Stovall born 1749 in Henrico County, Virginia. When he was a child his family moved to Granville County, North Carolina. He married Mary(Polly)Hicks, 1768, in Virginia. She was born on November 20, 1751 in Hanover County, Virginia. Josiah is listed in documents as being a Private in the Revolutionary War. He was under the command of Colonel Richard Henderson's Regiment in Captain James Yancey's Company of Foot on the date of October 3, 1771. Josiah's brothers; William, John Jr. and Drury were also in this unit. Mary moved to the area known as Spring Ridge community near Mississippi Springs in Hinds County, Mississippi. She died there Dec. 12, 1845 and is buried in the Old Friendship/Stovall/Smylie Cemetery. Seven of the children moved to Alabama and Mississippi around 1811. A letter written in 1845 and mailed to William T. Rattiff in Raymond, Mississippi describes the obituray of Mary. The sum of the letter is the following: Mary died at the age of 95 on Friday, December 12th, 1845 at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Tatum near Jackson, Mississippi. She was the widow of Josiah Stovall (of Georgia) for nearly 50 years and a devout member of the Baptist Church for 78 years. She raised 17 children, 10 sons and 7 daughters, of whom 6 sons and 3 daughters died before she did. Before her death over 600 persons descended from her. That was in 1845, I wonder how many there are of us now.

Josiah Stovall, Jr. born in 1775. He married Elizabeth Anne Tatom daughter of Abner Tatom and Mary Curren. Their known son is Archibald Stovall, who married Jane B. Rucker.

Robert Tatom Stovall born abt. 1831 in Lawrence County, Alabama. He married Josephine Bowling January 8, 1857 in Lawrence County, Alabama. Their children are Crab Tatum, Emmett Dale, Freddie, Ida, Lucy, Dorina Jane, Dorinda Jane, Walter Howard, Viola, Myrtis, and Lena Dale.

William and George's sister, Millie Thomason. Benjamin and Millie married Feburary 11, 1792. Proof of this marriage is found in the Virginia Society of Marriage Bonds in Albemarle County, Virginia 1786-1795, page 58, Item 613.

James Monroe Coopwood born abt. 1800 in Albemarle County, Virginia married Elizabeth Reynolds. Their children are Benjamin S, James M. Jr, John, Mahala, Olivia, William Jefferson and Thomas Franklin.

Capt. George Brown son of Capt. Thomas Brown. Abt. 1742 in Franklin County, Pennslyvania George married Agnes Maxwell, daughter of Capt. William Maxwell. There known children are William Maxwell, Susanna and Sarah.

William Maxwell Brown born 1764 in Browns Mill, Antrim Township, Franklin County, Pennslyvania married Haddasha Chambers. Hadassha was born 1762 in Chambers Mill, Franklin County, Pennslyvania. William M. Brown gradutated from Princeton and studied law with William Bradford. As a member of the Franklin County Bar he attained a high mark as a sucessful advocate. He was also engaged in a business of rolling iron and making nails. But in the depression following the War of 1812 he met with serious financial losses. In 1824 he moved with his family to Paris, Henry County, Tennessee. Source: Missing Branches of Our Oldest Family by G. O. Scilhamer, copy in Colyle Library, Chambersburg, PA.

Samuel M. Hankins born November 11, 1802 in Wilmington, New Hanover County, North Carolina married Haddasha Chambers Brown Abt. 1826. Samuel died on May 27, 1882 in Forest City,, Arkansas. Haddasha was born January 15, 1809 in Chambersburg, Franklin, Pennslyvania and died in 1883 in Forest City,, Arkansas. Their children were Isabel, Davey, Sallie, Donna, Francis Evelyn, Carrie, Master and Margaret Willa

John Moore born May 22, 1813 married Mary Frances Jones in 1835 in Nottaway County Virginia. Mary Frances was born December 16, 1813. Their children are John Thomas, Sarah W, Frank, Maria Luda, Henry F, William, Catherine, Dolly, Elizabeth, and Alyce Virginia.

John Thomas Moore born April 19, 1838 in Grenada, Grenada County, Mississippi married Francis Evelyn Hankins October 16, 1866 in Grenada. Frances Evelyn was born July 27, 1849 in Panola County, Mississippi. John Thomas owned a farm in Graysport, Mississippi. This area was later flooded to form Grenada Lake. He was a Presbyterian and donated the large stained window in the First Presbyterian Church of Grenada. Their children are Benjamin Eugene, Hettie Brown, Rosa, William Milton, Mary S, Katie Smith, Masters H, and Francis Evelyn.

Thomas N. Barbee born 1831 in Tuscaloosa County, Alabama married Susan Morgan July 11, 1847. Susan was born January 22, 1828 in Alabama. Thomas was killed in Friars Point,Mississippi by Nathan Bedford Forrest's brother, Capt. William Forrest, the man who made the famous entrance by horse into the Memphis' Gayoso Hotel. He rode into Coahoma County with two men and confiscated a pair of the Barbee's mules "for the cause." Thomas trailed Forrest to Friars Point in the early afternoon and challenged his actions. Forrest's reply was a pistol bullet through Thomas's heart. George F. Maynard, Sr., who was a school boy at the time, later recalled that the shooting was around lunchtime, and children at the schoolhouse heard bullets. "Mr. J. D. Robinson ran in," Maynard said, "and gathered these children together and put them behind a stack chimney in the building." Maynard sneaked over to the Lunsford Hotel, later called the old Stuart Hotel, where Thomas lay bleeding. Maynard said he "saw him lying on the bed in the front room, with his hairy chest exposed, slowly breathing his last."

John Elijah Barbee born in Lula, Coahoma County, Mississippi married Viola Stovall daughter of Robert Tatum Stovall and Josephine Bowling Coopwood. John was married 5 times, his wifes were (1st wife) Sinna Fannie Franklin (two children born) Thomas N. Barbee and Willie Barbee. (2nd wife) Mary C. Barbee (three children born) Letha C. Barbee, John C. Barbee and Robert L. Barbee. (3rd wife) Viola Stovall (three children born) Fannie O. Barbee, Walter Elijah Barbee and Lester Leigh Barbee. (4th wife) Inez Hill (no children) (5th wife) Jennie Gordon (two children born) Amelia Barbee and Ophelia Barbee. Because of his young age when his father was killed he had the responsibility of taking over his fathers farm and looking after his mother and sisters. Memoirs of Mississippi

Lester Leigh Barbee born in Lula, Coahoma, Mississippi married Frances Evelyn Moore daughter of John Moore and Francis Evelyn Hankins. They had six children, John Barbee, Mary Frances Barbee, Katherine Brown Barbee, Milton Moore Barbee, Lester Leigh Barbee Jr. and Virginia Ruth Barbee.

Lester, Fannie and Walter Barbee

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