[TV Series: 1985 - 1989]
Pilot Episode: When Maddie Hayes, a glamorous fashion model suddenly finds herself in financial distress due to an unscrupulous manager who absconds to South America with all her money and starts his own casino, she must sell her remaining assets including one City of Angels Detective Agency run by David Addison. But David Addison realizing his meal ticket is about to end, sets about to convince her that with her reputation as the "Blue Moon" shampoo girl, business would be booming and solve both their problems. That's when the Blue Moon Detective Agency is born and the fur flies as David and Maddie have their own ideas as to how business is conducted! I absolutely loved this series. It was witty, fun and a special event every time I watched a new episode. I was really sad when it was finally canceled.

"Moonlighting Theme"
by Al Jarreau

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Don't you change.

Some walk by night,
Some fly by day.
Nothing could change you,
Set and sure of the way.

Charming and bright,
Laughing and gay.
I'm just a stranger,
Love the Blues and the Braves.

There is the sun and moon
Facing their old, sweet tune.
Watch them when dawn is due
Sharing one space.

Some walk by night,
Some fly by day.
Something is sweeter
When you meet 'long the way.

So come walk the night,
Come fly by day.
Something is sweeter
'Cause we met 'long the way.

We'll walk by night,
We'll fly by day.
Moonlighting strangers
Who just met on the way,
Who just met on the way,
Who just met on the way.






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(from the first season episode "The Murder's in the Mail")

Security Officer: I'm sorry, but you're not on the guest list.
David Addison: That's because we're not guests. We're looking for a man with a mole on his nose.
Security Officer: A mole on his nose?
Maddie Hayes: A mole on his nose.
Security Officer: [to Maddie] What kind of clothes?
Maddie Hayes: [to David] What kind of clothes?
David Addison: What kind of clothes do you suppose?
Security Officer: What kind of clothes do I suppose would be worn by a man with a mole on his nose? Who knows?
David Addison: Did I happen to mention, did I bother to disclose, that this man that we're seeking with the mole on his nose? I'm not sure of his clothes or anything else, except he's Chinese, a big clue by itself.
Maddie Hayes: How do you do that?
David Addison: Gotta read a lot of Dr. Seuss.
Security Officer: I'm sorry to say, I'm sad to report, I haven't seen anyone at all of that sort. Not a man who's Chinese with a mole on his nose with some kind of clothes that you can't suppose. So get away from this door and get out of this place, or I'll have to hurt you -- put my foot in your face.





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