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Hello, my name is Liesha

Welcome to my new 10th Kingdom web site. Thank you for visiting and hope you like it. Please sign my guestbook and let me know what you think.:) I always appreciate hearing from other fans of The 10th Kingdom.

In case this is your first visit, I'm 49 years old, live in California and love the NBC miniseries The 10th Kingdom. You may be asking yourself, 'What is the 10th Kingdom?' The 10th Kingdom is a fantasy miniseries created by Hallmark and Simon Moore of Gulliver's Travels fame which was first aired in the United States on February 27, 2000. It's about two people from New York, Virginia a waitress and Tony her janitor father, who accidentally become trapped in another dimension where fairy tales are reality. They try desperately to get back to their own world and encounter many strange characters and customs of the 9 kingdoms. Scott Cohen (Gilmore Girls, Street Time) plays a handsome half-wolf who is aptly named Wolf and who falls in love with Virginia and tries to win her affection. This miniseries has many great performances from John Larroquette, Kimberly Williams, Dianne Wiest, Ed O'Neil, Rutger Hauer and many others. If you like fantasy, romance and tongue-in-cheek humor then you should watch this miniseries.

I first created this website on July 26, 2000 on TalkCity and moved it to Zero Catch after they closed. Now I've moved here to Geocities after my website got deleted again! I wanted to share my appreciation of this miniseries and also to support any future sequel that may be created. This is not my first homepage that I've started, but it is the only one I've devoted so much time to. I've always liked Science Fiction and Fantasy stories. From the very beginning I was a fan of Star Trek (See me in my Star Trek uniform!) and Star Wars. Anything that takes me to another realm.

As a child I had a book that I read over and over again. It was "The Wizard of Oz." I read in an interview that Kimberly Williams was also a fan of "The Wizard of Oz" and said she always wanted to be Dorothy.

I also remember every year on television they would air "Cinderella" played by Leslie Warren and I always had to watch it. When I got older I read the story "The Hobbit." I loved it so much that I had to also read "The Lord of the Rings" trilogy. Now it's a blockbuster movie.

I think The 10th Kingdom is a well crafted story that blends the nostalgic childhood fairytales of our youth and the darker, deeper stories of real life situations. This site is dedicated to NBC, Hallmark and Simon Moore who gave us such a remarkable adventure. Please don't let it end here. Give us a sequel and "Tell us the tale, tell us the tale!"

Picture of the three fairies in the swamp from The 10th Kingdom miniseries

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