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This page is under construction right now. I will have when I'm done, movie reviews, video game tips, and other neat stuff.

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Godric's Hollow

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Meet my Pikachu "Darien"

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Sailor Moon.org

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Try  the Thing asteroid game!

Firecracker Boy puzzle!

Try the 3 Birds game!

Try the Pichu Game, a game I designed with Thingmaker!

Get Pichu to the goal safely! If you die, hit the Refresh button, okay?

Try Seribii Hero, another game I designed with Thingmaker!

AlittleAbout Me

Try to rescue the good Efi before "Blackie" gets to him while dodging Pichus.

About My Hamster

My Games!

Try Save Mommy, yet another game I designed with Thingmaker!

See my other adoptions!

You, Magumaggu, must save your mother, Magukaragu and solve the puzzle before Mariruri gets to Mommy!

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