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Anime Collection
Welcome to Anime Collection,the Philippine site of anime giving you more detailed information on anime shown here in the Philippines.

I don't update much this christmas season...but now i will update again....fixing some bugs i found(sorry for the incovenience on the postcard....it's really embarrassing that it don't work.Anyway,its up again).Visit this site as often as u can...as i about to update this site almost everyday(as long as i don't have anything to do.)

I'd realize that the text isn't good on the eyes so i decide to change the color.
On this site you'll find review/images/mp3 on the following anime...
Dragon Ball Evangellion
Vision of Escaflowne Ranma 1/2
Fushig Yuugi Trigun
Ghost Fighter Flame of Recca
Bubble Gum Crisis 2040.Now up and going...but i'm still working on some more pages and developing it
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