Trading Rules
I Only Trade With CDR"S
     It Has To Be Recorded at DISC-AT-ONCE Recording!
(No GAPS of any kind!) Please let me know if you are unable to record at disc at once recording. 

No MP3 Recording!This is MP3 Free Trade site
  If you have the cover art please email it to me I will do the same.
   You Do not have to send the Jewl cases. I will not send the Jewl cases. It costs less for shipping. Just make sure the dices are well protected for shipping.
   If you use sticky notes to label the cds that is fine. Please do not put it on the disc directly on it the glue from the sticky note can ruin the disc totally.
Contact me to set up a trade
   How do you Rate the Quality of the cds?

I rate them by how it was recorded so when you look under "Quality" on my list you are looking at how the sound sounds like and how it was recorded.

Where do you rate the quality of the disc, if it has skips or how your copy is?

Click onto the highlighted link of the name of the cd. It will take you to another page at the bottom of the page will have how good of a copy I own of that bootleg.
  If you contact me first for a trade I will waite for your trade to arrive first before I will mail out yours..
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