My Paris - Part 2
Tomb of Napoleon - for a very small man (under 5 feet) - it is a huge tomb.
My second visit of Paris took only a couple months later place. This would become a real challenge! Maude (my Aupair-Mom) and I were up to teach the 4 kids about Parisian culture and their heritage.

Now, just imagine trying to keep kids at the age 3, 5,7 and 12 from running and sliding over the marble floors in those beautiful wide hallways of the museums!!!

The only place, we got them halfway under control were two museums. The tomb of Napoleon Bonaparte and the Military Museum who are close at the Place d'Invalides. The kids just loved the Artillery-Museum with their over 1000 collection items! On the West side were the big canons, and the kids were climbing all over them...

We were just happy collecting all and heading home!
Military Museum Canons West
My last visit of Paris, up to now, was in 1995. I was working then at the Incentive-Travel agency First + Thomas Cook Incentives. We had a big group in Paris and everybody in the office was helping. I was with my colleague Angie in charge of decoration. Everywhere our group went, we went first and hung up flags, big and small, decorated the table settings with the company logo. Checked that everything was where it supposed to be.... My best memory was decoration one of the Bateaux Mouche - the Seine River-Boats - for a dinner-cruise. I earned here my nick name "MacGiver".
Bateau Mouche
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