A bigger view of my latest paintings....
In case you want to steal ehhhmmmm... "copy" my pics, please refer to my webpage. Thank you!
Lil GI-Joe groundhog
I painted this wild looking critter on a warm summerday in 2000 when the "guys" went out hunting. It hangs now at Stacy's. This is the Farmhouse of Davids Uncle and Aunt in Pensylvania. I was laying in the high grass, enjoying the country and trying to convince the ants not to walk over the wet painting...
For a week I got up at 6.00 am to enjoy the painting along the white Beach of the San Juan River. I am proud to say, I even swam in the icecold  river... In the summertime you see swallows flying over the River. If you are ever in the 4-corners Area of New Mexico, take a look at this wild River ! And I dare you, no ... double dare you to have a swim!!!
Some Mesa in the San Juan Valley in Autumn. The colors of the Southwest and New Mexico are breathtaking. I hope in a couple of years, I can catch some of it (50 years or so...)
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