A tribute to David
You can never have enough knifes in your life. And the knifes you have are never sharp or polished enough!
One of David's most beautiful knifes comes from his friend the custom knife-maker Steve Mullin. Klick on the Knife-picture to visit his page.
For our first Anniversary David wished for and got a 16 plait Bullwhip from the famous Bullwhip maker David Morgan. Don't fear my friends, I am just as good in whipping as he is... Now all he wants is a 18 plait one!

The picture brings you to David Morgan's webpage.
One of our hobbies is going out to the rifle range of Roswell (David is a member there). After shooting only in carnival booths in Germany, I enjoy target shooting very much.
Davids favorite little critters! Everybody who knows him will know what I mean!
Davids favorite Places in Europe:
Amsterdam most charming city in Europe!
Restaurant Dortmunder, Wiesbaden/Germany
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David's favorite pasttime... He is a Marine (there are no Ex-Marines), State Trooper, Fire Fighter, Teacher and Husband
Klick on the picture to open Novak's Webpage. Novak is David's favorite Pistolsmith
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