On these pages you will find a little of my contribution to keeping the 'Mini' alive and well in the world!

My first Mini, a 1972 Morris. (won the argument with a Jag!)

1972 Morris

Pics of Minis from my younger days

Mini's ruled!

Our 1963 restore.

1963 Mini

Our latest project, my sons 1978 Leyland, has that common mini desease, rust! being totally restored.

1978 Leyland

Another New One to add to our collection : An Australian Assembled - 1976 Mini Clubman S'

1976 Clubman S'

All of them together - Our mini family

Our Mini's

My latest Project ; Australian Assembled Mini Van

1975 Mini Van

Another Project on the go ; 1962 Mini Pickup

1962 Mini Pickup

Hello, Mini Nut #

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