"Moderation in all things." Aristotle
Welcome to my home page where you can learn about my interests of astronomy (especially amateur telesope building), triathlon, and the arts.
The Arts
Challenge your mind and look at the universe.
Click on the telescope to go to my astronomy
page where you can see how I built my own
Dobsonian telescope, finder, and other observing tools.  You can also see some astrophotos I took through my scope as well as cool links to star gazing and telescope
building for the absolute beginner.
Get your body in shape.  Feel great!  Click on
the swimmer, cyclist or runner to learn more about the exciting sport of triathon.  It may be the only sport that allows its amateur "weekend" athletes, and this means you, an opportunity to compte head-to-head with the best in the sport at the world championship.  Anyone can do it with enough commitment and discipline.
A little something for the soul.  Click on the statue of David or the art patron to see some of my favorites in the Washington, D.C. area.
Click on the picture of Casablanca's Hassan II Mosque
or the Moroccan flag  for travel photos of my most recent assignment in Morocco.
Interesting Links:
About Me

First and foremost, I am the father
of two great children, Katie and Daniel, who inspire me in every way.  I am a consular officer in the
U.S. Foreign Service and have served the United States in Ecuador, Turkey, Venezuela, and Morocco. I enjoy astronomy, photography, triathon, ice skating, and anything chocolate.  I try to improve my mind, body and spirit in some way every day.  I have a B.A. in religion and political science from Wake Forest University and an M.A. from American University in U.S. foreign policy and international economics. 
Snippets from the arts and sciences that amuse
A fun look at the unorthodox for all ages in this "museum of unnatural mystery"
Upbeat information on world  faiths and  low key spiritual guidance
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