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I have provided direct links below to the most popular CAD publications and
training CD's. If the book you want is not on this list, try an Amazon search.

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Available Now! AutoCAD 2000 Manuals!

Accessing AutoCAD Architectural Desktop Release 2
AutoCAD for Architectural Drawing Using AutoCAD 2000
AutoCAD for Interior Design and Space Planning Using AutoCAD 2000
Mastering AutoCAD 2000
Mastering AutoCAD 2000, Premium Edition
Mastering Autodesk Architectural Desktop 3
AutoCAD 2000 - 3D Modeling   Instructor Manual    Student Manual
AutoCAD 2000 - Advanced, Instructor's Edition
AutoCAD 2000 3D f/x and design
AutoCAD 2000 3D Modeling (e-book)
AutoCAD 2000 3D Modeling - Skills Assessment
AutoCAD 2000 Advanced (e-book)
AutoCAD 2000 Advanced - Skills Assessment
Autocad 2000 for Architecture
Autocad 2000 Bible
AutoCAD 2000: No Experience Required
AutoCAD 2000 One Step at a Time-Advanced (With CD-ROM)
AutoCAD 2000: One Step at a Time Basics
AutoCAD 2000: 3D Modeling A Visual Approach
AutoCAD 2000 Instant Reference
AutoCAD 2000 & 3D Studio VIZ 3.0 Training Pak
The Illustrated AutoCAD(r) 2000 Quick Reference Guide
Inside AutoCad 2000 (The Inside Series)
AutoCAD 2000 & 3D Studio VIZ Training Pak
Learn AutoCAD LT 2000 for Architects
Using Autocad 2000
3D Modeling in AutoCAD: Creating and Using 3D Models in AutoCAD 2000
3D Studio VIZ 3.0 & AutoCAD 2000 Training PAK (CD-ROM ONLY - Complete Support Series)

Previous Release AutoCAD Manuals!

3D Modeling in Autocad : Mastering 3Ddesign and Drafting With Autocad Release 14
Architectural Construction Drawings With Autocad R14
Architectural Modeling and Rendering With Autocad R13 and R14
AutoCAD 14 Fundamentals
AutoCAD 14: Instant Reference
Autocad for Architecture : Release 14
Autodesk Architectural Desktop R3.3 Fundamentals: Laying a Sound Foundation
Architectural Desktop 3.0
Inside AutoCAD R14
Mastering AutoCAD 14

3D Studio MAX

3D Studio MAX R5 and Autodesk VIZ R4 Manuals!

3ds max 5 Fundamentals by Ted Boardman
3ds Max 5 for Windows: Visual QuickStart Guide by Michele Matossian
Harnessing 3ds max 5 by Michele Bousquet, Aaron F. Ross
Autodesk VIZ Fundamentals: Using Release 4 by Stephen J. Ethier, Christine A. Ethier, Harry A. Zohn
Autodesk VIZ 4 Training CD by Nancy Fulton
Mastering Autodesk VIZ 4 (With CD-ROM) by George Omura
Learning Autodesk VIZ 4 CD by Scott Onstott

3D Studio MAX R4 and VIZ R3 Manuals!

3DS MAX 4 Beginner by OpenCAD
3DS MAX 4 Bible
3DS MAX 4 for Windows: Visual QuickStart Guide
3DS MAX 4: From Objects to Animation
3DS MAX 4 Fundamentals
3DS MAX 4 Ground Rules
3DS MAX 4 in Depth
3DS MAX 4 Media Animation
3DS MAX 4 Quick Reference
3DS Max and Its Applications, Release 4
Inside 3ds max 4
Learning 3Ds Max : A Tutorial Approach, Release 4
Mastering 3ds max 4
Mastering the Art of Production with 3ds max 4
AutoCAD 2000i & 3D Studio VIZ 3 Complete by OpenCAD
AutoCAD 2000 & 3D Studio VIZ 3.0 Training Pak
3D Studio VIZ 3.0 Book by OpenCAD (Complete Support)
3D Studio VIZ 3.0 Interactive Training CD (Complete Support Series)
3D Studio VIZ 2.0 & 3.0 Training PAK (Complete Support Series)
3D Studio VIZ 3.0 & 3D Studio MAX 3.0 Training PAK (Complete Support Series)
3D Studio VIZ 3.0 & AutoCAD 2000 Training PAK (CD-ROM ONLY - Complete Support Series)
3D Studio VIZ(r) Fundamentals Using Release 3
3D Studio VIZ Tutorials
Inside 3D Studio VIZ 3
Learning 3d Studio Viz : A Tutorial Approach
Mastering 3D Studio VIZ 3
Harnessing 3d Studio Max : Release 3
Inside 3d Studio Max 3
Inside 3d Studio Max 3 Modeling, Materials and Rendering
Mastering 3D Studio MAX R3
3D Studio MAX R3 f/x and design
3D Studio Max 3 Fundamentals (Inside...)
3D Studio Max R3 in Depth
3D Studio MAX 3 Magic
3D Studio Max 3 Media Animation
3D Studio MAX 3 Professional Animation
3D Studio MAX Release 3 Training CD(Complete Support Training CD)
3D Studio Max 3: Visual QuickStart Guide
3D Studio Max 3.0 Workshop
Fallingwater Using 3d Studio : A Case Study and Tutorial/Book and Disk

3D Studio Max 2.5
3D Studio MAX 2.5 & 3.0 Training CD (Complete Support Training CD)
3D Studio MAX 2.5 & 3D Studio VIZ 2.0 Training Pak (Complete Support)
3D Studio Max R2.5 Learning CD
Inside 3D Studio MAX 2, Vol I
Inside 3D Studio MAX 2, Vol II, Modeling & Materials
Inside 3D Studio MAX 2, Vol III, Animation
Inside 3D Studio MAX 2 Resource Kit
The 3d Studio Max R2 Quick Reference
3D Studio Max Applied Release 2.0
3D Studio Max 2 Fundamentals
3D Studio MAX Release 2 Training CD
AUTOCAD R14 & 3D StudioMAX R2/ CD Training Pak
AUTOCAD R14 & 3D Studio VIZ CD Training Pak
3D Studio VIZ Release 2 Training CD
Teach Yourself 3D Studio Max 2 in 14 Days
Fallingwater Using 3d Studio : A Case Study and Tutorial/Book and Disk


An Introduction to Microstation 95
An Introduction to 3d Microstation 95
Harnessing Microstation 95
Inside Microstation 95
Learning MicroStation 95 in Twenty Projects: For DOS and Windows Environments
Microstation 95 Exercise Book
Microstation 95 Productivity Book
Microstation 95 Quick Reference
The Microstation 95 Workbook for Windows
Understanding MicroStation 95/SE: A Basic Guide to MicroStation(R), MicroStation Modeler(R), and MasterPiece

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