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I have two fanclubs, one's the Tooya Aishiteru Fanclub, one's the T.A.Y.A. Fanclub.  I have decided that every month I will choose the best site from my member's list.  I feel this will encourage site masters, and I think it gives people more confidence in their site. 
HOW to Qualify:
1) You must be an Member of one of these fanclubs. (TAYA or Tooya fanclub)
2) Your site cannot be under construction
3) The Fanclub logo must be on your page somewhere
4) And the pages need to be updated frequently *once a week..at least*
This award is not given out monthly...I offer the "Award of Excellence" to great ANC pages I come about on the web or in my memberlist...or you can apply for it by e-mailing me with the following information:
E-mail 2) Webpage url 3) Name *optional*
Your page needs to have good loading time *2 minutes*, good layout, cool content, nice, cute...I'll be looking for all of those things...but as long as I think the overall is great!
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