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Thankz to Aya for her Award to my Tooya Aishiteru Fanclub!! Check her site out! Aya 2000! If you see a cracked image of this award...that is because Aya 2000 must be in heavy construction...^^
I hope it'll be back soon!!!!
This is one of my first awards...!! Recieved on the same day as the 1st one on the top! forgot the date..;_; Thankz a lot to Minerva Chan~ for awarding my T.A.Y.A. Fanclub
M.A.R.S. Anime Award
M.A.R.S. Morrigan's Anime Rating Site
Thanks a lot to Morrigan for Awarding my ~T.A.Y.A. Fanclub~ site!!^^ yeah...feel proud of it too!!!!
January 24th 2000
Woohoo...an award suddenly arrived in my mail one day...for my T.A.Y.A. Fanclub!! Thank a lot to Naia Zifu!!
Feb 6th 2000
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