Misc. AWARDS-for any site!!
The Cutie Award~Cutest Ever

Do you think your site is at least one of the cutest websites around, if you do, then apply for this award.

For this award, the general qualities are: Very little broken links, regular updating, easy loading, CUTE, and interesting content.

The Magical Award

Is your page special and beautiful. Then this award should be at your liking.

Your pg would need to have: Very little broken links, easy loading, regular updating, packed with beautiful images, lots of effort put into it, and interesting content.

This award is a bit harder to get, however, I hope many of you are up to the challenge.

Award WINNERS for the Magical Award!
The ULTIMATE Award~the best of the best

Is your site just so cool, that every last bit is more interesting than the beginning? If it is, I'm  looking forward in checking it out!

The qualities that apply: NO broken links, easy loading, lots LOTS of beautiful picutres, effort *of cos*, attention grabbing content, many extra stuff *music, fanfic, fan art etc.* and updated regularly.*At least once per week*

Good luck! I feel this is already really tough, lets see who gets it, I don't give too much of THESE out!

Award WINNERS for the Ultimate Award
The So Kawaii, So Beautiful Award

Do you think your page looks AWFULLY cute with so many beautiful pictures and some animation?? Then apply.

Basic qualities: Very "kawaii", beautiful images, backgrounds etc, nice layout, updated weekly, very little broken links, easy loading, good content, lots of effort, and interesting info and pics.

And that's basically it.

Award WINNERS for the So Beautiful So Kawaii Award!
The Best Couple Page Award

Is your page featuring what you think are the cutest couple?  If it is, then this might to be the award for you.

Basic qualities: Updated weekly, easy loading, little broken links, good pics, interesting info, and most of all your page is influential enough that I will think they are a cute couple without even knowing em.

This award is for people who love creating character shrines for couples.
And if you have any good award ideas or award designs to send in, feel free.  You'll be recognized for your advice or great works.  And I hope many ppl will apply for these awards.  I will be adding more as I go.

Last updated: 00/10/13
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