My Journey to Weight Loss
Well here I am at the age of 30 and ready to start my life.  It's a journey I've been waiting for all my life.  It's someone I wanted to be but never could be for myself.  And I know now that without the support I have from my boyfriend and family I couldn't get through this alone.

I started this site in hopes of inspiring others to take charge of a losing battle.  I have found comfort and support in other sites, and you can say this is my "pay back" for their help in making this decision.  No doctor or therapist helped me make up my mind, I knew what I had to do, and I'm on my way.

I will warn you that this site will be very forthcoming and truthfully painful.  It's nice to read about the successes and how great people feel.  I want to share my struggles as well as my triumps.  I want to express the things I feel, how I look at myself and how I feel others look at me.  I want to be as honest as possible. 

UPDATE: As of December 29th I am approved for surgery.  It's been a long time coming, but I'm almost there.  To those who have hung in there with me thank you.  So all I can say now is let the journey begin.......
UPDATE:As of January 13th I have been given a surgery date of March 22nd.  That's pending I don't lose enough weight to be considered for a February date.  Wish me luck.
NEW UPDATE: My surgery has been moved to January 27th!!!! 
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