Financial Breakdown of our Adoption

Application Fee $550   
Homestudy $650 May vary by State
Travel for Social Worker $31 Varies with travel
CAN Placement Fee $3,500  
Video $14 Shipping & Handling
Extended Medical $350 Optional - Probably a good idea
Russian Fee - 2 of 3 payments $7,675 Part of $12,675 fee - balance paid in Russia
Background Check $176 Varies by State
Fingerprints $20 Done at Local Police Station
NJ Dept of Health $40 Certified copies of Birth and Marriage certificates
Color Copies of Photos $12   
Other Expenses    
Passports $110 If not current
Invitation for VISA $200 Can be obtained from orphanage if time permits
Russian VISA $258 Required - Need invitation to obtain
Immigration and Naturalization - INS $155 Completed Homestudy required
Apostille Certification $770 Varies by State
Miscellaneous Mailings $40   
Phone Calls $130 Depending on individual - we spoke to American Doctor in Russia for info purposes
Gifts for Orphanage, Officials, $400 We overdid it on Orphanage - not all necessary
Balance of Russian Adoption Fee $5,000 Paid in cash to agent in Russia
2 Roundtrip tickets Newark to Moscow $3,100 Unrestricted flight using SAS 
2 tickets Moscow to Rostov and back $600 Varies by city and day
Rostov - Host Family $1400 $100 per day -includes all meals 
Moscow - Ukraine Hotel $600  $150 per day 
Food in Moscow $500  Approximately $100 per day 
Transportation in Rostov $500  Had personal driver - long trips to Novercherkassk 
Transportation in Moscow $275  Cab rides to get around  
Interpreter $505 $35 per day X 15 days
Interpreter flights $200 $100 each way
Medical for Christopher $100  required for VISA 
Russian Passport $100  
VISA for Christopher $200   
Souveniers $100   
Post Placement visit $158  Required - Social Worker visit upon return to states 
TOTAL COSTS $28,419   


Christopher Thomas's Story(last updated January 6, 1998)

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April 1996-How We Began

May 1996-Continuing Saga Of Bureaucracy

June 1996-Preparing For Trip To Russia

July 1996-Our Dreams Realized

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1997-DeFazio Family Updates(last updated December 30, 1997)

1998-DeFazio Family Updates(last updated January 6, 1998)

1999-DeFazio Family Updates(last updated December 31, 1999)

2000-DeFazio Family Updates(last updated April 24, 2000)

An album of Christophers friends from Russia(added November 4, 1998)
A Collection of Poems(added November 4, 1998)

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