Title:    My Wedding?
Author:   Jo and Jan Monroe
Series:   Voy
Parts:    1 of 1
Rating:   P.G.
Codes:    P/T
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Summary:  How Tom and B'Elanna wedding got out of control.

Disclaimer:    Paramount owns the Star Trek Universe.  I own my story.  I just took the characters out to play for fun,  not for profit.

Warning:  None

Note:   Ma, a.k.a. Jo, asked if I had any  "story Starters."  This story was an idea that I had but didn't have time to write. I wrote the out line and she fill it out nicely.  She would love some feedback!!!  She want to know that some one read it.  Me, I'm used to being ignored.

               Jan M.

My Wedding
Copyright by Jo and Jan Monroe 1999

B'Elanna was siting in her quarters dictating a log entry, trying to get away from all the confusion.

Begin log entry :

The wedding is 2 hours.  It has turned into a great event that I'm not sure I want anything to do with.  It was supposed to be a small human wedding, "A  justice of the peace" type just
like the one Tom had shone me on the holodeck.

He talked me into doing the Klingon Mating ritual, and I was happy with that.  We've lived together for three months.  It has been a wonderful time.  I love coming home every night
to some one someone, even if he does work almost as many hours as I do, some weeks he works more.

Then, Tom wanted a human marriage, and he talked me into it.  Tom can talk me into many a thing...too many thing. I'm going to have my head examined...but  I'm not sure it wouldn't do any good.

I should have realized that someone had changed our plans when Chakotay asked, as  "father of the bride", if he would be giving me away.  What kind of wedding...Formal or Semi formal dress?  He also commented that he needed to save replicator rations to get appropriate clothing.  I just had to tell him what the wedding party was going to wear.  I just fluffed him off.  He told me to make up my mind soon.

Then Neelix started in at on me about what I wanted him to serve at the reception.  Did we want a light buffet and drinks or did I want a sit down dinner?  He gave me a list of things he had planned on serving.  It started out with Leola root casserole and other assorted vegetables. I told him that I didn't care one way or another because there wasn't going to be a reception.  He looked like a kid who had just found out some one had stolen his favorite toy. I called Tom and asked him what I should do about all these people, he told me not to worry about, it as it would all blow over soon.

Then the Captain told me she would be wearing a blue dress at the reception as the "mother of the groom". I asked what reception. She told me the one to celebrate my wedding, and I had better make up my mind so people could start chosing what to wear. Janeway also suggested that I apologize to Neelix,  he was hurt by the fact I told him there would be no food at the reception.  I informed her that I told him that there is not going to be a reception.

Megan Delany was next, she accosted me in the corridor demanding that I come to her quarters and look at wedding dress designs.  They need me to pick out the dress style so they could get started and have it completed before the wedding. I told them I was getting married in my uniform.  She was shocked and told me I just couldn't do that.  You need a beautiful white gown.  I finally went and picked  out a something I thought I would look bad in, hoping they wouldn't  have time to re-do it.  I was wrong on both counts, the dress is beautiful, and I feel beautiful in it and there was no reason to re-work the dress.

Then Doc called me in to see when I wanted to stop my birth control.  He pointed out that conception could take anywhere from two to five years.  Those stupid mixed genes, or is that Gene mixers, is going to make natural conception difficult, if not impossible.  I
told him I didn't want children yet.  We have at least a decade to decide on when to have children.  I know that Tom has doubts about  what kind of parents we might become make. But he said that he knew exactly what not to do...everything that his father did.  His first priority is  coming home every night.  And If I did things different from the way my mother did things, the kids should be fine. I talked to Tom and told him that I still haven't decided what to do about birth control. Tom also pointed out natural conception might be difficult under the best of circumstances, my high stress and physically demanding job could make conception harder.
I'm proud of myself.  I have gotten through the preparations for the wedding without killing anyone.   I wanted to, but I controlled myself!

End log entry.


Begin Log entry,

It is has been three days since my last entry.  I'm so glad  Tom talked me into going through with the big wedding, plans and all with all the fuss.  He was right, the crew cares more about us then our own family's do.  They have always been there when we needed them.  The wedding and reception  was large, I accepted that it was more for the crew than for us.  The reception was scheduled to start just after the wedding at 14:00 and continue until 23:00. Tom promised that we will leave early and no one would notice, and they didn't.

The doctor is scheduled to deactivated our birth control today, after our duty shifts.  We should be ready for kids in a few years.

My only hope is that no one makes any comments to me today about the wedding night.  I have no idea where the crew gets the idea that our sex live is so violent passionate.  I have never deliberately broke any of Tom's bones.  Just because they snap occasionally...

Besides we usually repair the damage in our quarters...

Computer delete the last two paragraph.  End log.

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