Update: October 11, 2000

... I fixed all the broken links. I was considering posting a few of my college papers just so that everyone would know how I've been spending my time, but i decided against it. I didn't think that you wanted to be bored to death. Not one joke in any of the papers.

Author: Jan Monroe

Little Boy Found J/C, P. PG..
Tom is turned into a three year old and needs a new Mama and Papa

Naomi's Date, 2/98, G, Paris, Naomi
Tom's luck runs out as the Captain discovers his weekly date with three year old Naomi Wildman. It's a fun kids story set during the fourth season.

Naomi Sleep Over, 3/98, G, Paris, Doc, Naomi
A mysterious illness put Wildman in sickbay. Someone has to take care of Naomi until mom gets better and Tom is selected.

Water, Water Everywhere, 3/98, PG.., Paris
The water main over Tom's Quarters springs a leak and he is left to deal with the consequences. Happens during the fourth season. Warning, I have gotten many e-mails about the humor content-- DON'T read it if you are going to get funny looks for laughing out aloud.

Rehab Contract, 4/98, PG.., Paris, Torres, Janeway
Tom reflects on "pig hood" and the completion of his contract.

Seven's Lessons, 6/98, PG.., Seven, Kim
Seven gets a few new teachers in the areas of human interaction and touching. Includes some new characters.

Design Team Stories

Design Stage, 6/98, PG.., Paris, Torres, Kim, Seven
Tom has an inspiration on how to get home using the slipstream drive. Tom, Harry, B'Elanna and Seven work to design the ship to do it.

Mock-up stage, 6/98, PG.., Paris, Torres, Kim, Seven
The ships plans becomes a holo program for testing. The design team's relationships continue.

Construction Phase 6/98, PG.., Paris, Torres, Kim, Seven
The shuttle is now in the construction phase and relationships are heating up.

First Mission 7/98, PG.., Paris, Torres, Kim, Seven
Harry is on the Kes' first mission back to earth.

Why Me? 7/98, pg., Paris, Torres, Kim, Seven
Harry comes home to Voyager and Voyager goes home.

Is this any way to welcome home a hero? 7/98, pg., Paris, Torres, Kim, Seven
Star fleet loves Voyager's new engines but doesn't want to live up to Harry's bargain.

Emotional Baggage Stories

Unforeseen Consequences 12/98, PG. Paris, Janeway
My versions of how Tom is when he gets out of the Brig.

Losing a Hero 12/98, PG. Paris, Janeway
Janeway and Paris have a heart to heart. Someone has to change their view of Tom's Dad.

Growing Up. 1/99, PG. Paris, Janeway
The conclusion of Emotional Baggage. It's not as dark as the other two stories. It's not a happy ending but it does have a satisfactory ending.

B'Elanna's Logs ...and before you ask, YES, my warped sense of humor is out of control... AGAIN!.

My Wedding? 4/99, PG 13.  Torres, p/t implied
This story is a log entry that she makes.

Kill Doc! , 4/99, G, Torres, P/T implied
Baby on the way!

Mood Swings , 4/99, G, Torres, P/T implied
Beware of pregnant Klingons.

Moving Day , 5/99 G Torres, P/T implied
Just what the title implies, moving day.

Baby Shower , 8/99 G T, P/T implied
Next chapter in the continuing saga of the Paris baby.

She's Here , 8/99 G T, P/T implied
The baby's born.

Tom's Baby Care Lesson 8/99 G T, P/T implied
Tom has to learn everything the hard way. Mary Kathryn let's Dad know who's boss.

Jan's Stargate Stories

Not What You Say with Anthony Docimo. PG, Jack and Sam
Response to a challenge: Jack and Sam tries to explain how they returned to earth "Married."

Dating, Jack style with Anthony Docimo. PG, Jack and Same
Sequel to Not What You Say, Jack and Sam's first date.

The Embarrassing Gift PG13, Daniel, Jack and hints at J/S relationship
This is based on a challenge to write a story about why SG1 would bring home a 6-foot tall sculpture.

Author: Jan and Jo Monroe

Captain's Helper ,  4/99, G,  Naomi and crew.
Naomi fulfills her dream of being the captain's helper.

Author: Jo Monroe

PomPom System Voyager The crew has an adventure. Jo didn't give me a really good summary.

Comar 1 , Comar 2 , Comar 3 PG.., Warning character death. Whole crew. This story is set after life after the delta quadrant. Has lots of kids.

What's Medicine? 4/98, g, Janeway, Paris, Torres,
Voyager discovers a planet where no medicine is allowed.

Life after The Delta Quadrant, part 1, Life after The Delta Quadrant, part 2, and Life after The Delta Quadrant, part 3, 4/98, pg., all Three stories based on Voyager returning 16 years after the caretaker kidnaped them.

Author: Susan Maddy

Note:  Susan is currently working on her first book.  It's taking shape.

Problems Settling In 1: Carly's Mission 1998, PG.., P, J, C, K, T
Voyager begins the trek home after the Caretaker incident. Everyone isn't happy Paris is Chief Helm Officer. Set beginning the first full day after Captain Janeway's speech in Caretaker.

Problems Settling In 2: The Magic of Sandrine's P.G.-13, P/T, J/C a little, PTK
Tom and friends create Sandrine's. Tom doesn't get into a fight with someone and fights with Chakotay. Tom meets the Delaney sisters. Set after Parallax.

Problems Settling In 3: Fall from Grace P.G.-13, P/T, P, T, K
Tom falls into a depression and needs help getting out of it.

Errors and Apologies 1998 , P/T
Series: a stand alone story in the Problems Settling In universe. Tom and B'Elanna are assigned to work with a people who must touch a person of the other gender in order to understand them when they speak. Set after the fourth season.

"Tom Paris. . .Kathryn Janeway" 1998, P
My version of Tom Paris' back story. Chronicles Tom Paris' activities from just after the crash at Caldik Prime to meeting Captain Janeway in prison.

Time for Tommy J/C, P. PG..
Tom is turned into a three year old and needs a new family.

Companion Pieces:

When I wrote Little Boy Found, I sent it off to my beta readers. The concept caught Susan's imagination. She used the same idea of Tom becoming a child and then having to grow up again. These are the two pieces together, two very different versions of how Tommy would grow and mature. This stories may be about a child but both stories have implied sex and child abuse.

Jan Monroe version : Little Boy Found J/C, P. PG..
Tom is turned into a three year old and needs a new Mama and Papa.

 Susan Maddy version : Time for Tommy J/C, P. PG..
Tom is turned into a three year old and needs a new family.

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