Comar 111

The Comar had got to DS9 The day before. Chakotay stood on the cat walk above the storage bay. Watching while the crews work.

*Everyone was running around the room, to the untrained eye it looked like mindless ants running around. Chakotay knew everyone knew where he or she was going and what he was doing. They were unloading medical supplies for transport to the Delta quadrant.

They had been on this ship for almost twenty years. He smiled. They had so many things going on five different types of research. They had eighteen new children and fifteen weddings he liked doing the wedding it signified happiness. So why did he feel so down.

He and Kathryn had been on one ship or another for the last fifty years. He was getting tired. He wanted to quit, but Kathryn was happy. I think that's because she has her children and grandchildren with her. He loved them to but. . . . *

Kathryn walked up to him. "Hi my love what are you up too?" Kathryn asked.

"I was just watching the crewmen working and thinking. I was wondering if you were happy still working?" Chakotay asked.

"I haven't really thought about it. What is wrong my love? Come on talk to mama?" Kathryn asked in her consoling voice.

"I'm seventy years old, and I'm just tired. Except the four years time, we spent on Batedzed. We have spent the last fifty years on a ship. I would like to try living on a planet for a while, where I'm not in command always. I can take a walk. Go to a bar and drink a real drink." Chakotay said.

"I agree, but how long would it last?" Kathryn asked gently. "We have had this conversation before when I say yes you change your mind, because something has caught your imagination." She told him.

"Maybe it was the death of Tuvok? I don't know. I'm feeling really old." Chakotay told her.

"Honey. He was two hundred and ten. Remember when T'pal came on board she was a lost kid." Kathryn asked.

"Yeah what about her has she been hurt or something?" Chakotay asked worried.

"No she is now a lost parent. She just gave birth to a baby boy. She named him Tuvok after her grandfather." Kathryn was laughing. "Robert is angry because she didn't name it after you. He says that's what the baby wanted." Kathryn told him.

"Come on, she wants her father to meet her new son, and teach him what it is like to be hugged by you." Kathryn told him.

"I wish her folks were interested in her. They have the best child in the universe." Chakotay said, as they walked toward the sick bay.

"Well, my love some people are so stupid they don't see what is right under their noses." Kathryn answered.

They walked into the sick bay. Chakotay walked over to the bed that T'pal lay on. "I understand you had a baby without asking permission first." Chakotay smiled. "Well where is he?" Victor walked up and handed him the baby. "I would like to introduce Tuvok Chakotay Wilson sir, after both of his grandfathers." Victor smiled.

Chakotay looked at Kathryn. "I thought you said she named it after Tuvok and that Robert was angry because she wouldn't name it after me?" He asked.

"He is he wanted him name Chakotay Tuvok." She told him.

"Well, you can tell him I'm happy just as it is." He told her. "I knew you would be. I just had to give her a hard time. By the way I need to talk to you." Robert said.

"Command time." He started to hand the baby back to Victor.

"No, it's not like that it's just in the gray area of the Captain should know but it is not a report thing. I would like to ask you as both my Grandfather and my Captian if you would marry Tina Murdoch?" Robert said in a rush.

"I might try it, but don't you think your grandmother would object, if I tried to marry someone else? Since, I'm still married to her." Chakotay asked in a dead pan voice.

Robert looked very upset then it hit him what he had actually said. "Sorry sir. I mean her to me."

"I knew what you meant, but I couldn't resist teasing you a little. I could never figure out why you always so scared of me. Being your grandfather, you should not be scared of me. Why is that?" Chakotay asked him.

Robert looked uncomfortable then looked at T'pal. She told him. "Tell him the truth."

Robert took a deep breath.

Chakotay stated."Well, I'm waiting."

"Well, sir I was told that you don't approve of what I do and I keep waiting for you to try to stop me." Robert said. Looking as if he thought Chakotay was going to hit him.

"Son, I think it is great what you do in fact I fought your mother for you to use your powers the way you do. In fact, I used your powers myself when you were young. Your mom is the one that had a big problem with the whole thing. She couldn't keep you in school. You wanted to help everyone." Chakotay told him.

"I see." He looked at T'pal. Silently asking if he was telling the truth.

"Don't look at her. This is between you and me, young man now take a walk threw my mind and find out the truth for yourself." Chakotay ordered. He did as Chakotay had ordered him then he hung his head. "Your right but why all though I think I have my answer for that to, because she wanted me to have a good education. Why tell me you didn't want me doing it around you?" Robert said looking throughly confused.

"You bring your lady friend to our quarters at nineteen hundred." Chakotay told him.

"Yes sir." Robert said.

That evening at nineteen hundred Robert and Tina showed up at his grandfather quarters. The door beeped. Chakotay walked over to the door opened it. "Good evening kids come on in. Kate, the kids are here. He invited them to have a seat. "

They had been conversing for about an hour when Chakotay looked at Tina. "Tina, I'm not sure you even love my grandson. In the last hour you have told me about fifteen ways you intend to help him change this or that. Love is blind to all those things. Some have been small things some have been major things like his choice of work. His mind melding gifts. Now these are the essences of the man that he is. If you can't deal with them, and you want to change him you don't love him." Chakotay said looking right at her. "Now who put you up to this. Making him think, he wants it this way?" Demanded Chakotay in his Captain's voice.

She sat there and looked at Kathryn for help. "Don't look at my wife for help." Chakotay said.

"Robert take a walk through her mind. . . ."

Tina screamed. "He will not!!! That is disgusting and revolting" she said shuddering.

"See what she really thinks of you it's better to know now. Then to find out after you're married. When your first child comes along and he has your powers only more so. Now as Captian, I want to know who put you up to this? Who told you this was the proper type of feeling to have for someone. With whom you want to spend the rest of your life." The Captain demanded to know.

"His mother said you and she agreed that he shouldn't be doing that mind thing." Tina said in a proud and deifying voice.

Chakotay hit his comm. badge. "Captain Chakotay to Phoebe Paris."

"Phoebe Paris here sir."

"You get yourself and the parents of this child to my quarters now."

He sat back and just looked at both of the kids. He finely got up and got himself a cup of tea. He knew that he didn't dare say anything to anyone or he would explode.

Kathryn knew how bad it was. It had been along time in fact years since she had seen him this angry. It was the same daughter that had caused it. "May I get you something to drink?" She asked.

Robert sat riveted watching his grandfather with a look of wonder. Then he shook his head, as if to clear it.

Kathryn said Tina why don't we go over to the table and have our tea. She helped the young woman up from her seat.

Then he looked over at the women. He went into Tina's mind what he found was a shock to him. While he was there, he left his suggestion only tell the truth. He sat back, and relaxed. He had thought this thing was being pushed into this.

The door beeped. Robert got up and answered it. Just before he opened the door, He planted, the suggestion only to tell truth.

"Come in folks hi dad Mr. and Mrs. Murdoch." He touches his dad's mind. Brace yourself. I planted the truth suggestion in all of them. His dad smiled, and thought I know.

"Have a seat. I think I will start because Grandfather is still too angry to speak. He will need about another ten minutes to cool down before he says something he will regret. As my grandfather he is out raged. That you put someone next to me who thinks I'm completely revolting. What did you think mom that I was stupid. That I wouldn't find out. The first time I woke up screaming because someone was hurt. She would turn on me and start berating me the same way you do dad." Robert said. "Mom do you think you can tell the truth for once."

"I loved your father very much, but you were more then I could take. You were never a little boy. You had to heal the masses you even saved children who would be better off dead." Phoebe said. "I wanted no more that might turn out like you. You freak. I had to find someone that had enough gumption to keep you from producing more freaks." She cried.

Robert looked at her, "I wish I could help you mother, but there is no help for that kind of thinking. You didn't love my father or you would not have treated him the way you have. I will not marry a cold fish that would sell her sole for the sake of you not having grandchildren that might take after their father. You see I have a woman I truly love. If I can convince her I will, marry her when I can prove to grandpa she is a good woman, and Tillcalle, that you will not play a part in our lives. I'm sorry father I have to do this." Robert told them.

"That is okay son may you and Tillcalle have a good life and many children." T'mar told him.

"Oh! God! I can't take this," Phoebe said "This is revolting."

"Kathryn take Phoebe into the bedroom." Chakotay snapped.

"Dad you must understand I just cannot take all these freaks running around in the world."

"Well, my daughter you were one first and everyone over looked your actions. I wonder what Q would think of what you just said? His people put the human race on trial because of that type of thinking." Chakotay told her.

"I couldn't care less. He is the biggest freak of all." Phoebe screamed, as Kathryn pulled her out of the room.

Chakotay looked at T'mar. "I'm sorry I didn't realize how she was treating you. You have grounds to devorice her and I for one would not blame you." Chakotay bowed his head.

"T'mar, We will take Tina and leave. Please tell Phoebe that I will talk to her later. I think you would prefer to air your dirty linen in private." Mrs. Murdoch said.

The Captian looked at them. You sit. He snapped.

"How could you sell your daughter into such a way of life? No love or children. She would have hated you for it later." Chakotay asked.

"Mom, You told me I could have children by having a friend on the side. That they were all so stupid they wouldn't know the difference." Tina yelled.

"Well, you could have the same as your father has been for Phoebe for all these years." Mrs. Murdoch told her sweetly.

Phoebe came running out of the bedroom. "I told you he was a freak. He said he resented that and for punishment he made me six months pregnant." Phoebe screamed.

Everyone smiled, except Phoebe and her friends. "I will kill it anyway I can even if it means taking my own life."

Trinn looked at her. "Don't do that my darling we will figure out away to take care of it. We can always give it away after it is born." Trinn told her wrapping her in his arms.

T'mar looked at Phoebe. "If that is what you want then so be it. Captain I request a devorice from this woman, on the grounds of adultery, mental, and physical abuse." Chakotay looked at him with shock in his eyes.

Trinn turned to the Captain. Captain I wish to devorice this woman for adultery and mental abuse. She was the one that put all this together. She seemed to enjoy having something on the first family of the ship. I'm sorry that is what she called you. Then she could talk about it anywhere and no one knew who she was talking about. Trinn told them.

Nelix said. "Too bad she did that talking in front of me and Maria Thompson. Trina Dollt you are under a rest for murder bigamy and falsifying records. She is the wife of John Dollt, the former head of the Diestrum Institute. This was their scheme to get back at Maria's family for him losing his job and going to prison for killing the lady who died, because of the drugs in the water at the institute. The marriage between this man and her doesn't exist. She never devoriced her first husband.

Phoebe Paris, we order you to the sick-bay for drug tests. That might create a problem the drug Trina has been feeding her is to drive her crazy. Nelix told them.

Robert said. "I'll go with her I can talk to the baby and help it to live through this. That is a good idea Chakotay said. "Nelix how did you get in here with any of us knowing anything about it?" Chakotay asked.

"I used my security over ride code." Nelix said. "I had heard this meeting was going on from my people that were following her."

"Well, I guess I kind of blew up this one. I'm sorry love." Chakotay turned toward Kathryn.

"I'm not you save them a lot of heart ache later." Kathryn told him.

"I'm tired I'm going to bed." Chakotay said.

"I had better go tell my mom. What has happened before she finds out from some one else. I'll move my stuff out in the morning." T'mar said. "I can move in with her."

They all left. Chakotay went to bed .

In the morning Kathryn found him on the floor. She call for emergency beam out to sick bay. Then called the girls and T'mar and Robert.

Two days later they held his funeral Kathryn and B'Elanna were setting in the office. "who do we get as first officer you are now Captain? Kathryn said.

The next in line is Mr. Kim but he refused it. The last time it was offered.

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