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lowest price auction listings - No Final Value Fee
We have been using ebay and amazon for a few years to sell books and other bits and we noticed that the fees were going up and up and it seemed like any profit we were making was going straight to ebay and amazon, we tried to increase our starting prices but this made it harder to sell our goods and of course if they did sell then more went to ebay and amazon so we decided to set up our own auction site with low fees.
Facebook is a massive market place so we talked to a few of our friends and they said they would be happy to use a low cost auction site, so here we have 0-99p No listing fee and anything 99p and above just 1% listing fee and NO FINAL VALUE FEE all you need to do is register, even if you don’t have anything to sell, please register because the more people we have registered the more likely other people are to use the site.

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