Why Should I Wear Long Sleeves?

Why should I abstain from cutting because you say so?

Why should I feel ashamed because you feel I ought?

Why should I wear long sleeves?

Your delicate sensibilities mean nothing to me - why exactly should I change my life to suit your desires?

Why do you want me to cower and cringe before your talk of shame?

Why must I hide my self injury from "normal" people?

Do you gain pleasure by my Otherness?

I do not see why I should be ashamed. I do not see why I should hide my actions from you. I am a person just as you are and my decisions are mine alone.

If I choose to cut myself, to harm myself, that is my decision and not yours to make.

This is my body, my flesh, and no one else's.

My body is mine to maim, to harm, to pamper; whatever I choose to do. This is my decision in life and I must bear the consequences, whether I find them unpalatable or not.

If I choose to harm my body, I should be free to do so - your censure and all your pious cant means nothing to me and should mean nothing to any of us.

I have freedom, as all of us have freedom. Freedom to make mistakes and make good decisions as any of us do. Whether ultimately, self injury is a bad decision, still it is mine, and I should not feel ashamed for making any decision.

No one forced me into this course, and no one can force me from it.

Why should I wear long sleeves to make you feel better?


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