Society's Hypocrisy

Picture of Self InjuryPicture of Body Modification

Which of these is more disordered?

I am tired of hypocrisy. Our society deems some things we do to our bodies "wrong", "repulsive" and "disordered", while accepting others as part of an individual's self expression. We see this in body modification, which is far more extreme than what most self injurers get up to and which is perversely far more acceptable. Now the more extreme body modifications - such as penis splitting, limb removal and other things catalogued on the eye-opening BodyMod Blog aren't really socially acceptable, not yet, anyway, but things like open-gauge piercings, genital piercings, numerous facial piercings and even things like tongue splitting, alterations to the ear and such are much less shocking and much more acceptable than they were only a few years ago. And yet people are genuinely repulsed by the idea that you could make even a light scratch deliberately to your skin.

I don't get it. We accept, as a society, people who alter their bodies for fashion, because they are worried about being old, for vanity, who tattoo themselves for decoration and people who alter their skin, deliberately, for the purpose of looking better. Yet if someone scars themselves with self inflicted cuts, even if, like I, they think their scars are beautiful, this is less acceptable than Catman or Jackie Stallone.

I call this hypocrisy on the part of the society in which we live. We accept it when we ask others to maim and mutilate us in enormous ways, we accept it when we take to drink, drugs or sex in times of stress, but no matter how small a self injury we may perform, we are disgusting.

If: I can go to a plastic surgeon and get my nose reshaped, my breasts enlarged, my skin stretched....and that's ok.
I can go and get hundreds of tattoos...and that's ok.
I can go and get many parts of me pierced...and that's ok.
I can go and get body mods, inserting metal under the skin, reshaping my ears...and thats ok.
I can go and get my teeth filed, plated with gold, or knocked out and replaced with fangs...and thats ok.
But if I make cuts or burns on my skin....and that's not ok.
That is nothing more than hypocrisy.

All you who would condemn us for self injury while accepting plastic surgery, drinking to excess or piercing/tattooing...think on this. Why do you condemn the one and not the other? What are your reasons? Write in with the answer, please, and I'll put it on here.


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